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  • ...Oh. It took me a while to figure out what you meant. XD

    I see. Interesting.
    And of course, the humour was great, and each character, from the largest to the smallest, has a unique and quirky personality for you to love and explore.

    And the music always suited the occasion and got the feel just right, enhancing and adding to the experience like all videogame music should.
    I loved it. It touched me on a deep, emotional level, and I think it is honestly an excellent example of videogames as art, although that's a different debate entirely...

    Although the neutral route only exists if you make a mistake or are a bit of a dick and decide some monsters don't deserve mercy, and the genocide route is just... Pure evil. I still felt the weight of my choices looming above me. Mostly because Flowey's plot thread really makes you feel like your actions have consequences. Like your actions, in the real world. By breaking the fourth wall in such a clever way. Sort of like Earthbound actually, but in Undertale's own unique way.
    Yep. Now I'm running around checking the world.

    BTW Asgore has a top notch theme. Not that everyone else doesn't, but you know.
    I did. The fact that he's worried when you escape is adorable X3

    Aaaaand I may or may have not finished the game. All I have left is exploring before leaving the Underground.
    Oh, why's that?

    Toriel doesn't really kill you either except if you go out of your way.
    Oh, okay. Well I sleeped in the inn and have a bunch of healing items so I guess I'm fine.
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