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  • Of course it is! :D

    I don't think there is anything I could type to say for bad and amazing that pun was XD I keep telling everyone they need to play it so it won't be such an unknown thing, but it hasn't been working DX
    We'll just by the case off of some fool who doesn't understand how awesome it is :I

    It's not finished yet but I've worn it to school and no one recognized it ;__; It feels like only me and Joltik play this game in my area DX
    They look so cool, but we thought it better to at least get a copy and still look for a case.

    :O That's awesome! Joltik as started painting the reaper symbols onto by black Jacket, it looks really cool! We also have a red scarf, so we could totally cos-play it! :D
    It would be awesome to get one in a box! That's awesome... We could only find ones that were used and returned with out the box DX
    Dude, if we ever find more copies of it we're buying them. Because it's awesome :D
    Oh hey, it has been a while! I've been fine, just a bit busy with school and stuff. How about you?
    It was! But it was also really tiring, and food packing until unearthly hours of the night for the next day's trips was not fun. Liv Tyler, that's really cool :D I'll have to look that up but it sounds fun. Was it like a genuine 50's style diner? I love those! Ah nice, enjoy welcome week :) and don't wear a lanyard or your orientation shirt unless you want people to know you're a freshman :p my brother is currently getting settled at the same school I go to (VT) and he's liking it so far, but he likes my apartment more than his dorm. How are you liking college?
    Awesome! I was a whitewater rafting and canoeing guide, and then I went out west for about 2 weeks and visited a bunch of national parks, and got to raft the Snake River in Wyoming which is much different (and safer) than the New in WV/VA. How was your summer?
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