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  • Oh, that's right, forgot about that river. Well, there's got to be some viable in-character explanation as to why Terrence shows up late.

    Well, maybe there'll be WiFi at the place I'm gonna be most of Saturday.
    Well, that's unfortunate.

    You said everyone was meeting in Aquacorde Town, right? Maybe, since the only port town in Kalos is Coumarine, it will take a day for Terrence to meet up with everyone else? Because he took the ferry.
    He is sort of a lone wolf, but for the purpose of the RP it'd be easy for him to just so happen to be somewhere near the rest of the group.
    Ah, I think I'll create some friendly rival who breeds for perfect Pokemon or something >o> And sweet! I love RPs like that :p They are normally the ones that last longer just in case the GM drops out or something :L
    Haha, the one time I try creating a male character, there are no females :p Thanks! I'll create one now and keep it in word in the case this happens. And awesomee, I love rivals V///V
    Also, if no one signs up as a female character (or only one person does), can I create a second character or no? It's completely up to you.
    Yeah, I heard it was close to dying a while back ago. Would have been a shame, I love role playing *o*
    In B2W2 every area until you ride the boat to Castelia is based off of NJ, hence the numerous 'come at me' jokes from Hugh :p I know right? I'm only in one RP at the moment, so waiting for it to update becomes a drag. Not to mention every time I create a RP, it never gets any takes so that isn't an option. *rolls of bed*
    *jersey bro fist* Because we all know New Jersey is the best state, obviously. The best part is that the area I live was based for the beginning of the Unova region in B2W2. Those Jersey Shore jokes are false! then again there are no northern jersey jokes, ahah

    But it was so convenient, yes! I was only about thirty minutes away >o>
    Oh, really? It's better than say, California. I don't have to take a plane for it. It was pretty fun in person. Back when it was in NJ for two years, Newark I think, they were both very well run. Philadelphia went from eight in the morning to 8 at night. I battled for like 40 minutes that whole time. Heh, at least it had free wifi :p
    Exactly! Yo wait, where do you compete? I'm normally stuck driving to Philadelphia each year :p
    I did? o.o

    If so, I didn't even realize.. I'll change it right away!

    EDIT: I changed it so that he has a black flat-brim hat with purple accents, purple shirt under his vest, and has long purple basketball shorts. He also has black socks [white striped] that go up to his thighs. His shoes are Purple Nike Hypervenom soccer/running shoes.
    Wow, really? It reminds me of my Kingdom Hearts game. It's been sitting in my closet for years and I haven't started playing it until now.
    I just started playing that! It's great, let me tell you! Worth the money.
    Ah, thank you! And the opposite for me, I beat Skyward Sword yet only started playing Wind Waker :p
    I'm not sure if I'm being paranoid about this, but one of the new sign ups has the exact same outfit of my character. I'm not sure if that's okay or.. and also, like the avatar and signature V///V Gotta love SS and WW!
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