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  • Castform is cute. The concept behind castform is really cool, and even the execution is done pretty well with castform changing its type and just having an amazing movepool. However castform's stats are terrible meaning you'll sadly be hardpressed to get good use out of it.
    I'm still extremely busy with school and possibly an internship, so I don't think it will be possible, no. My apologies.
    Finally! D:

    I never intended for this to take so long, my apologies. I wrote two different quotes for each so you can pick whichever one you like best.

    I'm sorry man, a lot of things came up unexpectedly and I wasn't even able to log into Bulba for a few days. I hope it's not too late, but regardless I'll get them to you later today.
    Hey, how's your reviews coming along? I'd offer to help again, but I'm not very good at reviewing anything. Just wanted to check in, since I'm curious. :)
    Sorry again about the delay!! I won't offer to do anymore for time reasons, so I hope everything else goes well. ^^

    Stantler has a rather depressing situation. It's not loved, has a rather ugly design, and mediocre stats. It's a Pokemon that's very in-need of a Mega Evolution, and could benefit greatly from one. It's odd, though, how Stantler is only a Normal-type. With all of its Pokédex entries and Psychic-type moves, you would think that its secondary type would be Psychic. This was done most likely so that it wouldn't have much connection with Girafarig, who was introduced in the same generation. Unfortunately for the Big Horn Pokemon, it doesn't receive any STAB on most of its level-up moves. I should note though that when it was introduced, it was associated with sleep and reality perception more than psychic abilities in general. It's a shame that this idea has yet to be expanded on, and I hope that if it does receive a Mega Evolution, Game Freak will be sure to deliver something interesting.
    Terribly sorry for not replying! But yes, it is in the back of my mind. I'm just waking up now, so if it's alright, may I get it to you in a few hours? It only has to be 3~5 sentences, correct?
    Okay then, here you go:

    "As a a fluffy bluebird with literal cotton/cloud wings, Swablu is possibly the most adorable bird pokemon there is—and it damn well better be, considering the poor thing suffers from Magikarp Syndrome, i.e. it's a terribly weak battler that you have to build up through endless toil, until it evolves in a big sparkly dragon-type pay off! But battling aside, Swablu itself is pretty interesting, with a simple but cute design, it's incredible transformation from songbird to Singing-Cloud-Dragon, and the humorous habits of house-cleaning and landing on the heads of the unsuspecting. (I wish one would clean my room for me! Also, be my hat!) Most Swablu don't stay Swablu for long, since the urge to evolve to the awesome Altaria is irresistible, and the likes of Safeguard, Sing, Nature Power and Peck aren't exactly a winning moveset in-game, but I love it all the same. One can land on my head (or clean my room) any day!"
    Hi Winstein, my apologies for disappearing, I've had a fairly hectic time lately and wasn't able to get on to Bulbagarden much over the holiday. I'm afraid that your request slipped my mind, but I didn't mean to leave you hanging. If you'd still like my input, then I can try to get it done for tomorrow.
    Hmm, I'm not really familiar with your reviews. What type of quote are you expecting? If I did give you something, it would be on swablue or stantler.
    Sorry I haven't gotten back to you about that!

    I'm currently on sabbatical from Bulbagarden, so I can't really fulfill your request this time. My apologies. I'd love to be of help at a later date, however.
    No, I haven't been in this forum for a while, and I have other blogs I'm attending.

    Thanks for your request regardless.
    Combination of Pink and Good Fortune = Tiny Happiness. APPROVED!! Nothing can't go wrong with the big smile from this tiny ahdorable pokemon on your pocket! The bigest mistery about this pokemon is the ponitail on top of her head! Is it fur? or a tail on top of the head!! I really hope one day, it will leard Tail Slap using this mystery tail!
    They hold an egg looking things on their pocket! People said that it's resemble of lucky egg or oval stone you could found it hold on a wild. But I've known it that it was her pocket to keep the oval stone or lucky egg. Confirmed by my Golden Mighyenna that I'd ordered to pickpocket them on mirage forest. I'm not bad kitty!! I'm just tempted!!

    Nurse Joy first company on early anime and game era. I forget since when it's changed but too bad.. Chansey is the most mothery nurse pokemon. Look at that small eyes and that mysterious smile, she knows everything but doesn't talk at all. Chansey is famous to hardly found @wild.. really really rare and refused to be caught. Rumour has it that first Nurse Chansey is caught used a Master Ball !! :0
    Chansey is kind and mysterious. And she's bring LUCK! THE RARE LUCK! WOOOO!!
    To be honest, Blissey is my least favorite out of all Chansey's evolution line. Why? It's a degraded form of Chansey. It looks like you dress up the mature innocent Chansey with witch uniform from manganime universe! *imagine your mother on witch uniform. NNOOOOOO!!!* Design wise, Blissey still my least favorite, but after I found out that Blissey will help boost my pokemon's level. I kinda like it. Kinda...
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