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Recent content by winstein

  1. winstein

    3rd Version/Sequels?

    The looming uncertainty of how an updated game might come about is the main reason I am holding off getting the latest games, even if these games turned out to be well-crafted game. Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon was a surprise that I disliked since it's more or less the same game but upgraded, and as...
  2. winstein

    Space World 1997 demo for Pokemon Gold leaked

    If anything, it would be way worse if it were Grass/Fire because either way, it wouldn't have happened and having it to be the planned type makes it felt wasted. I wonder what name Umbreon would have had if it were a Poison-type, given that its name is based on darkness rather than poison...
  3. winstein

    Space World 1997 demo for Pokemon Gold leaked

    That was Farfetch'd's evolution? I thought that was a prototype of Lugia! Thank you for reading.
  4. winstein

    Space World 1997 demo for Pokemon Gold leaked

    Thanks to the combined efforts of both the person who got a copy of the demo and the hackers, the Pokemon Gold beta cartridge's contents are leaked, and we could see some tidbits in more detail! For one, you can see what Pokemon were planned in the games, but ended up being scrapped. If you...
  5. winstein

    How many alerts did you have last time you logged in?

    2 (I am not that popular to have a lot of them, unfortunately) Thank you for reading.
  6. winstein

    What video games are you playing now?

    Games I am going through: - Battle Chef Brigade (Switch): A beat-em-up + puzzle game where the player needs to cook the best dishes. I hope there are more than 6 chapters because it's a really great game. - Raining Blobs (PC): A puzzle game that is about joining blobs. It's kind of like Puyo...
  7. winstein

    Spoilers USUM Datamine Discussion

    It seems that the numbers start from zero, so Bug Bite is 0, while Defog is 62. Thank you for reading.
  8. winstein

    Spoilers USUM Datamine Discussion

    Is anybody able to check the Move Tutors that Decidueye and Dhelmise could learn, along with Lycanroc (all variants)? I can't seem to load Pastebin to check. Thank you for reading. EDIT: List of defoggers: Interesting choices, but some are odd. Serperior gets this move? Xerneas? Klefki?
  9. winstein

    Spoilers USUM Datamine Discussion

    Interesting new additions to the movepools for some Pokemon, if not counting the Move Tutors: View: https://pastebin.com/QpfxCWiY[/spoiler] View: https://pastebin.com/e65awjRH[/spoiler] Some things I found: - Farfetch'd can inherit First Impression - Oddish, Bellsprout and Hoppip can...
  10. winstein

    What video games are you playing now?

    Splatoon 2 I have recently got an S-rank on Rainmaker, which feels like a proud achievement because it can get quite challenging. I admit I got lucky on two games because the other team got one disconnect each. Due to this, I have gotten S-rank on all modes, with Tower Control first, followed...
  11. winstein

    What video games were you thinking of buying?

    I've tried the Ever Oasis demo last night and it seems like a decent game that I don't mind trying. However, I predict it's also a game that will become used, so I think that's the best course of action. There are some 3DS gems that I would like to play if I can get the chance to, namely Kirby...
  12. winstein

    What video games are you playing now?

    Sokobond, which is a Sokoban-like game utilising chemistry concepts, namely the ability to form molecules. Thank you for reading.
  13. winstein

    Gen 2 Starters in Alola?

    Speaking of the Generation 2 starters getting Alola forms, I remembered seeing somebody posting on the internet about some peculiar concept where the final evolutions have different types, such as Meganium having Grass/Electric and having rods in place of petals. I cannot find this link where I...
  14. winstein

    Alola's regional dex expansion

    I hope that we get more Generation 6 Pokemon in Alola, because they are by far the most difficult Pokemon to request or search Hidden Abilities for. Only certain Generation 6 Pokemon are easy to find, but others aren't. It's a good thing Klefki is here, so I think Skiddo, Inkay and Pumpkaboo...
  15. winstein

    The Shiny Encounters Thread

    When I bred Hidden Ability Pokemon for the GTS, on the off chance somebody actually put their Hidden Ability Pokemon up for trading, I produced some Hidden Ability eggs. When I put the rest into the Poke Pelago after trading (and failing to get the Pokemon with Hidden Ability), and coming back...