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  • Thank you for your advice. I wanna make a team base on my fanfic story's main character. What do you think about this as a functioning team? Luxray, Umbreon, Clafable, Altaria, and Arcanine? Who do you think could fill my last slot? I've been trying to figure it out...maybe breloom, pangoro or lucario...
    Hi! Can you add my Friend code? I need a Ghost Friend Safari with drifblim, and yours would help a lot.
    Here's my FC - 0044 - 3638 - 4020; let me know if you can add me back, ok?
    Thanks in advance!
    Is there any way I can approve moderated posts on my blog? There are currently three moderated comments, and there were eight of them yesterday for a good while.
    A belated thank you for the birthday greetings. Here's something you might enjoy: Your Shot Blog -- National Geographic Your Shot • Spotlight: Marc Henauer, Switzerland
    Wow really? xD I know prosecutors are pretty crazy in this series, but if he's the craziest... Now I really have to look at Dual Destinies gameplay. ;u;
    Your avatar. I can't. He's the reason I need to watch Dual Destinies gameplay. I need to know his name. X_X
    I managed to finish post i was thinking of posting in character and sagas debate thread sending it to you through PM, so when you find time could you please help me out and give suggestions in case any changes would be required?

    Thank you in advance. :)
    Hi i would like to consult with you about some post intending to place in one of character, sagas debate forum threads. Just to check if its content is ok not clashing with any of that subforum rules.

    So in case you could help me out having time to check it out let me know so that i can send it. I would greatly appreciate that.

    Apologies if i disturbed your privacy.
    I'm not well organized either. I have a habit of giving file names random names.

    Because of my little brother, we have so many games that I personally have not had a chance to play yet.
    I think I need to purchase some rechargable double A batteries since the Wii remotes seem to go through them so fast.

    I have too much romance shipping feels which is why I like friendship so much because it's less stressful and technically everyone can be friends. The thought of monogamy just makes it more difficult to decide who should be with whom.
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