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  • Lord Fuggles, he'll be glad I didn't throw him in a ditch and bury him in Patrats. Why, that't the worst he could do?

    Venipede's been pretty cool on my team - 5 EXP. points from evolving.

    Both English.

    WAFERS. ;_; If it makes you feel better, it's worth the wait. :)
    Vodka is stronger, I believe. Only one way to find out. Volcarona, get some straws.

    I got the same thing; I only perfected my team until the night before the English release. I started looking into it when the list first came out.

    I chose Emboar, and in Black I have Servine. If I get an Oshawott, I'm naming it Fuggles.
    Thank you! And if you want, I can tell you about this uber-strong Pokemon I'm looking for. It's called Volcarona. It's a bug, fire, an angel, and a drink.

    I want it to grow up fast. They're cute big, amazing dancers, and are so wild in battle during mating time. Insta-wins, ahoy!

    So what kind of team are you planning?
    Through breeding. But the problem with Acid is that it'll smell much worse than burning corpses.

    Also, I just caught a Venipede. Trying to raid my food supply, then afterwards attacked my whole team, tripped into a Pokeball and caught himself.

    YAY! My friend, garrison-san, would be real happy to see that once I show her.
    You'd also need some Fire-type moves to burn the leftover corpses. Also, Venipede are kind of salty and chunky-gooey.

    My Patrat tried to eat them. He actually displaced my starter (a female Snivy, now a Servine) as the team's powerhouse for a while.

    Can you say "I use Acid in every Pokemon battle," and may I quote said say?
    The Lampent line likes to steal the life force (or was it soul?) of victims.

    Your episode is on tomorrow. Yay! :D Would you sign my Patrat?
    (I got the image now.) Thank you. And here's some advice for when you face Ash: He has a powerful new Pokemon called Scraggy. The only hope you have to beat this beast is to catch another Ghost-type.
    DAMN! D:

    You see, my friend, upon seeing your English name, thought it would be funny if you had a Pokemon that used Acid. I thought it would be good for a laugh.

    Come on, use Acid! Charlie Sheen does it, and he's fine. Apart from losing his job, his show, his career, much of his friends, family, and fanbase.
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