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  • I can't do that since I have many interests. If I want to go find something, I usually just go search for them, rather than going through my favorites.
    When organizing my submissions, I just sort based on what they are.

    You should someday. I love the idea of characters from different games working like Kirby copying Marth's powers; gaining Marth's hair and diadem and the story mode feature. Also, it gives one more exposure to characters from games one might not normally play or heard of.
    Marth and Roy were in Melee, but I think I heard Roy's powers were similar to Marth's.
    Ike replaced Roy in Brawl.

    That would explain why I saw more Awakening character shipping posts on Tumblr compared to what was posted about the previous generation's characters.

    By the way, thank you for the friend request.
    I will. There are so many good artists on the Internet. I think I look at too much stuff to the point of favoriting 7,000+ things on DeviantArt.
    The only thing I don't like about Tumblr is that to them, hearting things is liking them, but to me, it's love.

    No. Unless Smash Bros Melee and Brawl count. Since I and other people, on the Internet, call Marth a princess, I love how "Marth" in Awakening turns out to be Lucina who technically is a princess.
    I like using Ike in Brawl because of his catchphrase, "I fight for my friends!" (I'm wondering how willing is he to die for his friends. Maybe he is since he would be risking his life to fight for his friends) and his attacks.

    I know that there is more downloadable content/stories to buy, so I could actually get the older characters, but that just reminds me of dating sim apps where you can buy more stories and characters if you want.
    Technically, paying more money for stories, but I don't know if it's worth the hassle.
    Then again, if games were too easy, they would be boring and after all our video game struggles, don't we all give ourselves a pat on the back once we manage to overcome those hardships?
    Hi. I love your signature. My little brother loves Gaius. Also, he loves Henry.
    I recently started playing Fire Emblem: Awakening, but I'm trying to focus on getting through Pokemon Y since I want to draw a comic based on it.
    Oh ok, didn't knew. Sorry for bothering you and i wish you to be able to do all tasks and obligations you may have in time with better, more relaxing days waiting ahead for you.

    Ill just ask some other mod for help, its nothing really important.
    Hi don't want to rush nor anything, but did you received PM i sended?

    During process of sending message my PC frozed, so im not really sure if message reached you or didn't. In case you didn't, ill write another one.
    Hi, did you get my PM i sent to you?

    Also since thread got closed would i be allowed to perhaps express my thoughts about ratings through blog post? Im personally worried how even premiere flopped and i would like to express my feelings and what i find could be part of problem behind this.
    Oh dear Tangrowth not that thing again. D: I see I see, and the world is a richer place because of them.

    I noticed from your themeing of Stahl. xD I think I'll play it over winter break, right now I'm distracted by XY.
    Is the Pikachu randomly there or is it a reference to something in Awakening? I've yet to play, despite having it for a couple of months now. >>;
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