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  • Moving at snail's pace because I've been playing with Amie and other little features in the game than the actual game itself, but I've advanced a little past the part where Sycamore gives you a Kanto starter.
    For taking your time removing the quote pyramids that made my laptop lag to the point I had to close my browser.
    It was sad letting the butterflies go having nurtured them all that time, though also delightful in that I finally got to see them fly properly for the first time (the hatching habitat didn't really give them much space to flutter about without hitting the sides).

    I did a google image search on The Amazing Bulk. Speaking of hilariously bad movies, Amazon keeps recommending this dvd to me. Having watched the trailer, I'm actually kind of tempted. :p

    Oh, any ad for cleaner which personifies the germs usually leaves me feeling really unsettled, because they inevitably get killed in the end. Thinking about it, there were alots of adverts which creeped me out as a kid, for reasons which I've never quite been able to explain. This ad for Roysters crisps is a good example. It utterly baffled me as a kid, and it still gives me the creeps today. :p
    Hey, I'm really sorry for taking so long to reply to your last VM. The last three months have been very hectic, what with having to prepare for my trip to Austin (I haven't been quite so active on Bulba in general, as you've probably noticed), but pretty much all of the major stuff is finally sorted. I'll be jetting out at the start of September, and back in the UK at the end of the month. :)

    Yes, that's exactly what the plush computer viruses are, although the 1s and 0s are arranged into strategic shapes for each one. The worm, for example, looks like a caterpillar, with a string of 0s for its body and a couple of 1s for its antennae. You can see them for yourself here: Computer Virus Dolls|Unique geek gifts for your favorite computer nerd

    I've been trying to install Murdock's taste for underwear into them, but so far they're not cottoning on (pun intended). They really love porridge, I made a video of them eating it soon after I brought them home. Unforunately I do talk a bit toward the end, which spoils the effect a bit:Mitchum and De Niro - Porridge Fingers - YouTube
    Mitchum is now officially a prize winning rat - she scored 9/10 for the Curiosity competition at a local rat show, which was enough for her to come in first place! The object there is to show interest in as many items on a tabletop as possible within a 90 second time limit. De Niro was entered too, but she didn't do quite so well, having used up too much of her time trying to stop and eat the items along the way.
    That sounds awesome - what kinds of seals are they? I certainly wouldn't mind having a male seal take on my moniker, although which name do you have in mind - garrison-san, Scampy, or my actual name?
    So is preview of post i sent through message acceptable to post in that thread?
    I just want to ber sure not messing up flow of discussion.
    I don't want to give out impression of being intrusive. Im just wandering if you received pm message i send to you?
    Hi i hope i didn't offended or agitated you with my response to message you sent to me. I had bad day(personal problems), wasn't feeling well and content of message left me surprised to say the least getting worst out of me.
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