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Recent content by Winterdaze

  1. Winterdaze

    What Mega Evolutions do you think should of gotten a different ability than they already have?

    Mega Audino's Healer is a complete joke, if it had to retain one its original abilities at least Regenerator would have given it a niche as the only Fairy type with the ability. Fur Coat would have been another option that could have compensated for its lower stats relative to other megas, and...
  2. Winterdaze

    What old type combos would you like to see be done as new Pokemon?

    Poison/Ground is a really cool typing with a lot of unique advantages that hasn't been explored since the Nidos. They've pretty much got the special side of things covered, so I could see a physically offensive or support oriented defensive Poison/Ground carving a niche out for itself with...
  3. Winterdaze

    Terrible Pokemon you used to use

    I used Claydol and Sandslash on a lot of my early RU competitive teams, because the "two-for-one deal" of being both a spinner and a hazard setter looks really appealing on paper. In practice they can't perform either task effectively, and ended up dead weight most of the time.
  4. Winterdaze

    Generation VI: The Future

    Yes, that would mean Mega Evolution would not exist. Yet. And there you already have the possibility for events occurring within the story to allow it to happen for the first time. The player character could even be the one who discovers it. To me that's far more interesting than the whole "go...
  5. Winterdaze

    Generation VI: The Future

    I think an interesting direction for Z to take that isn't the standard redux or another set of sequels, would be a take on XY's story in a completely different alternate universe, since Game Freak seems to be all about that kind of thing now. The most obvious change would be an alternate reality...
  6. Winterdaze

    Best Grass type starter

    Chesnaught. No other Pokemon absolutely nails the perfect combination of tough and adorable the way Chesnaught does. Between that and its cool typing and varied movepool, I just can't fault it.
  7. Winterdaze

    Name game.

  8. Winterdaze

    Things you want to see done in Sun and Moon

    Personally I'd like to see Ice resist Water, usually when Ice and Water exist as separate elements they form a cross-counter, considering those elements usually exist in equilibrium. If Freeze Dry was given a wider distribution, then that would give Ice types a niche as Water type killers that...
  9. Winterdaze

    Pokémon Headcanons

    -Pokemon are not necessarily native to the regions they first appear in. For example Eevee is native to Kalos where it is actually found in the wild, and those found in other parts of the world were introduced or bred there. - The Pokemon World has a whole bunch of customs and old wive's tales...
  10. Winterdaze

    Minor improvements Pokemon Z ABSOLUTELY needs.

    Larger teams and better movesets for the Gym Leaders/E4. Each Gym Leader should have at least three Pokemon, those after the fourth badge should have at least four, and Elite Four at least five. Also they really need to fix the frame-rate drop that happens during horde battles and the split...
  11. Winterdaze

    Simple Questions and Answers Thread for BST! (Read First Post)

    Aurorus has a terrible defensive typing that makes it weak to common attacking types, including two nasty 4x weaknesses to Fighting and Steel. That said, it has some niche popularity in NU and even RU as a wallbreaker as Refrigerate Hyper Voice hits extremely hard, especially with Choice Specs...
  12. Winterdaze

    Moves & abilities that need buffing/nerfing

    Oh and Knock Off needs to be nerfed, removing the 50% damage bonus would balance it well. Bump up the power of Night Slash/Crunch/whatever if the power void needs filling, just fix Knock Off because ~100 base power+item removal with perfect accuracy is absurd.
  13. Winterdaze

    Moves & abilities that need buffing/nerfing

    Ice Body: Have it work like Dry Skin, restoring HP in hail and giving an immunity to Ice that restores HP when Ice moves are used against you. Leaf Guard: Gives a 30% chance to block status effects outside of sun, so as to not be completely useless without it. Forewarn: Reduces the damage of...
  14. Winterdaze

    Pokemon you like that no one else does!

    Trubbish and Garbodor are fantastically designed and just full of personality and unique charm. The only thing I don't like about them are the random coloured nuggets on the body which look like gems rather than garbage, but other than that they're great. One man's trash, so to speak.
  15. Winterdaze

    Pokemon that you wish had different evolutions

    Hoothoot comes to mind. Between the clock-like aspects, cute rounded shape and habit of standing on one leg, it has a really fun and quirky design that lets it stand out among the other early game birds. Noctowl is literally just a big owl. Boring.