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  • Right, I shall be heading inshortly. I just have to add your FC. My FC is in my sog. or I posted it in the thread. It's also in my About Me section. See you in there :]
    Yeah, you need Chatots for that, though. All it is, basically, is controlling which pokemon/nature/ability appears. You're RNG'ing the PID. :p

    You need to learn PIDRNG, since you do a similar thing when breeding eggs, though. So it won't harm you to master it. (Except you don't sleclt PIDRNG for eggs, you set it to BW Breeding.)

    If you need help just let me know. I tend to babble sometimes, but I can help, since I've done it in the past. :]
    Oh keypresses. Yeah, you need to press them down at the same time straight after you press A at the right second. You need to do it a.s.a.p and I usually hold them down until N's Castle appears. Congrats on doing it though. :p
    I hope I am helping. I don't feel as though I am, haha. :/

    You need the parameters so you know which seeds you can hit. You need them, so as long as you have them don't worry about that.

    If you select a specfic encounter slot it will just filter down your results to show seeds with that specific slot and no other. The more filtering you do the less results you get, but it helps if you want something specific. The encounter slots are for shiny captures only, because with regular captures you can use PIDRNG to find the specific nature/gender/encounter slot frame combination you want, whereas shiny frames are usually only alloted to the encounter slot/nature/ability frame given within a seed. So there's only one. If that makes sense.

    E: If you get a shiny seed there will only be one Frame (may be more if you're lucky) within that seed that is shiny. So the encoutner slot given is the only poekmon/nature/ability/gender that you will get with that particular seed. I think that makes more sense.
    Right, so first things first, have you find a seed you want to use? Yes/No?

    Go to a route, save. This route should have no NPC's that move on it, otherwise it will screw up (Wellspring cave is good for this). Then save. Make sure you have a sweet scenter in your party.

    Turn off the DS. Load up it up, change the time/date to what you need. Wait until you get to one second before the actual second you need (so if you get given 12:17:32, press A when the clock gets to 12:17:31). Do not press anything during the white screen, wait until you seen N's Castle before you click A to skip. Now, all you have to do is Sweet Scent and catch, to see if you hit your seed (by checking its IV's).

    Also, you did not answer whether you have calibrated your parameters? You need to do it somewhere where there are no NPC's aswell, but with high level pokemon. Giant Chasm cave is a good place, I think.

    If you have, the only way you can tell if you hit you seed is if it has the IV spread of the seed. Using an IV calc is the only way to tell. Or, if your seed is 31/31/31/x/31/31 or something to a similar degree, you can just go to the IV checker guy in the gear station and he should say outstanding potential, it could not be better in HP, Atk, etc etc.

    I'm not really sure if I'm answering your question, so you'll have to let me know :/
    Encounter slots are the slots which each pokemon are generated. So, for example, on Route 1 a Partrat might be Encounter slots 1,3,5,7,9,11, and Lillipup may be 2,3,4,6,8,10. (I don't know if it is, that's just an example). Each routes has different encounter slots for different pokemon, it just means which pokemon you will encounter. Black encounter slots/white encounter slots if you need them.

    Right, well I guess you're using an IV calc. I think it can change from that, because it's getting a more accurate reading, but I'm not 100%. I know if you calculate something at level 1, you can get 31/31/31/31/31/31 when in fact at level 50 it may give you 21/21/21/21/21/21. But at level 40 you should get the rough estimate (I'm not sure why it decreased, though).

    When you click generate? Is this PIDRNG or just in Time Finder? Time Finder will give you the date/time/seconds/ability/nature/gender of your seed?
    Also, try non-shiny captures before shiny captures. You need to learn to hit your seed correctly before attempting anything else.
    Yeah, it's better to stick with Frame 1 seeds so you don't have to walk about because that messes with the PID.

    Are you using PIDRNG in the main window of RNG Reporter? That way you can see whether you hit your seed or not as it shows you all the pokemon available on that seed (incase you missed the PID for some reason...).

    That above may not be useful yet. I think your problem is you're not hitting your seed correctly. You need to keep trying to hit the right time/date/second and then sweet scent until you get the right IV's. Did you calibrate your parameters?

    Are you searching with Kepypresses on or off? Search with them off for the moment since they only complicate hitting your seed.
    Yeah, it's best to start with captures. I did my first RNG with Landorus.

    I wouldn't say one is easier than the other, since they both require a little work before you understand them and the process you have to do.

    What route are you trying to capture on? Also, you may have not hit your seed correctly (you need to hit the exact second) this could be down to missing the second or your parameters fluctuating (mine change sometimes, you just have to try again until you do it).
    Yes, you can RNG breeding. There's a guide to it on the Wi-Fi sub-forum of Smogon.
    Yes, lets trade now. I'm actually in the wi-fi room right now. (Wow, now I can clone my pokemon without using my AR)
    Sweet I cloned it! Thanks! At first I was too lazy to do all these changing IP stuff and now it's very easy!
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