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  • Hey, I'm sorry I'm late. I underestimated traffic on the way home. But i can trade when you can.
    Peter I take it? My IGN is Dolce.
    Yep, sorry! Thanks for the trade!
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    Sorry it's not the greatest Dhelmise. I just started breeding on Moon. x) But thank you!
    Gotcha! I have all the Pokemon ready (five I believe?) so I'll just go grab my DS, add you and then hang around online until you're ready. :)
    I've just picked them up from people around forums. Not sure where they originally got them, but my best guess would be somewhere like Smogon since the trade threads there did focus a lot on matching ball stuff last time I browsed that section the other year. There's still quite a few special ball Pokemon (from the Dream World) that I haven't managed to track down :( I've really been wanting an Ultra Ball Aerodactyl but I've had no luck coming across one yet. Same with Burmy and Kricketot.

    Saturday is fine for the trade. :D
    I haven't managed to get the Tirtouga yet, so it might have to be next week then.
    Sure, around this time works. So we'll do all the trades later in the week once I get the Tirtouga?
    Hey, I have everything ready barring the Tirtouga. I've asked my friend if they could breed me one and they said yes, but I'm not sure exactly when that will be (probably later in the week). Do you want to trade the other ones now and then I'll drop you a message whenever I manage to get you a Tirtouga?
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