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  • my Wifi is crashing left and right. I will try and trade you in a little while if you are still on and my wifi settles down.
    It's no biggie I'm cooking dinner here myself. So don't sweat it. :p

    My FC is 4554-1270-5039, and IGN is Dolce. Just let me know when your back.
    I'm almost done getting the ability capsule. I just have to do one more battle test.
    I'll work on getting the Ability Capsule tonight. That way you can have the Snorlax you want. You don't have to give anything extra for it.
    In regards to the Snorlax. I hit a small snag that is easily fixed. But to fix it I have to go and get an Ability Capsule. Otherwise It's done.
    I have both your Pokemon caught and ready. I've added your FC, so just send me a VM or something whenever you're available! I also updated my thread, and yes, some of the Qwilfish have Intimidate :D
    OK that makes things easier, I'll catch them in the Friend Safari. Are you wanting a specific ball on the Charmeleon? Oh awesome! Well I have a bunch of leftovers I haven't added yet (Pancham, Cherubi, Yanma, Qwilfish, Growlithe, Frillish, Carvanha) which I need to get around to adding to the thread but just haven't.
    Hey really sorry I've just been busy lately. Are you wanting the hidden ability mons breeding or would ones caught from the Friend Safari be ok?
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