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    Trying to Prepare for competitive. Rate my team please :)

    Yeah I've been out of Pokemon since 3rd gen just got back in and still learning all the new stuff. Thanks I'll go look into those. Thank you much. :) I'll do some diggin. Appreciate your guidance.
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    Trying to Prepare for competitive. Rate my team please :)

    All Level 100 and Ev'd out. Blaziken Samurott Metagross Elektross Hydreigon Archeops I'll post attacks for each later. Still sorting that out for counters and such. Any suggestions much appreciated, trying to build a solid team. Also the blaziken does have speed boost and he was my...
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    Accuracy > Power

    I've been debating over this myself. I'm trying a to build a good sweeper team with a couple of stalls. My samurott is the one that's giving me trouble I can't decide whether to teach him aqua jet or aqua tail.....sigh
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    Which pokemon game did you have the most fun with?

    The original gold. It was the first Pokemon game I ever got. LOL I was such a noob i just used feraligator and a raticate all through the game haha XD
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    Wanting to trade a non-hacked Speed Boost torchic :)

    Got a friendly tournament coming up and trying to gear up my old team from ruby on black 2.
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    Which pokemon do you think are lazily designed?

    Magmortar and emboar....idk i just don't like the design :(
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    Favorite game generations

    2 and 3. I missed out on 4 lol
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    If you could be any Pokemon

    Re: In pure PMD style if you could turn into any Pokemon which would it be? Kingler....idk just always though he was awesome :P
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    Hey to the Peoples :)

    Just got back into pokemon since the ruby/saphire gen. Looking for info and found this site, pretty epic.