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  • Oh, my DS broke as well. Not on here anymore, but decided to check tonight. Hmm, not sure if I'll buy a new DS or not. :/
    Haha aw! Crashed out? I searched for some manga but didn't find any that good if I remember right. I guess I was just surfing around the internet until I got to tired and did go to bed. =)))
    Just watched a movie. Trying to find something to do, don't want to go to sleep yet. I might just... read some manga... And you? :3
    Yeah, that's true. There is a few new poison Pokémon though. ;) I brought Black, completed it sort of, but now I'm SO bored of it. Never plays it. I love generation four! Some day I want to buy HG/SS as well. I started actually pretty late with playing Pokémon, autumn 2010. I tried Silver at an emulator on the computer though, but I don't have this nostalgia feeling even though I used Pokémoncards as a kid.

    He looks cool. I actually like old animes/mangas, at least in yaoi I often find them much better than newer ones. Woooho! :D Which ones?
    Hahah! :D I find women beautiful/cute/cool sometimes as well, but never in 2D for some reason.

    It's Grimsley from the Pokémon games Black/White. He's in the elite four and apparently I think he's hot... and the fanart...~ Who's the guy in yours?

    As I said, yaoi. Which I suppose you don't watch/read. I've seen a few episodes of Devil May Cry, since the fanart of it is great but I didn't like it. Also started to see Sailor Moon, but I got bored of it as well. Elfen Lied I've seen and I remember that I liked it. Also Samurai Champloo, but I didn't like it that much at all...
    I'm not screamy either, but I'm really excited at those "moments" sometimes, but I often keep it to myself or explain it more "strict".

    It doesn't bother me, it's not the first time and I don't really care. =)
    Haha. ^^ Really? Aren't you in love with some characters then as well? =)

    Almost all of them fall in the yaoi genre, I'm such a fan-girl, lol.
    Lol well to each his own I like naruto although all the girls in naruto message boards postin bout bein in love with characters is really irritating grrr. Lol what mangas/animes do you like?
    Ah I see. Not a fan of Naruto, I don't like "bigger" animes/mangas. Ohh, that sounds sooo nice, I also create stories in my head before going to sleep, but I don't have problem with it so I fall asleep rather fast, hah.
    I'm don't like the Pokémon anime that much actually. Mostly because it's going so slow forward and it's the same every time. Something happens, team rock show up, Ash and his friends save the day, move on, repeat. Sort of. The whole anime/manga world is kind of new to me, I read a lot of manga though, I've watch some anime and OVAs but yeah, I prefer manga most of the time. When I think of it I use to watch a lot of TV-shows as well, but no longer; for some reason. o_O

    By make up characters in anime and shows, you mean like, fanfictions?

    It's pretty easy to make stories of the Pokémon fanart I see, and it gives the Pokémon/human a character as well. I like that.
    Oh, sounds good. ^^ Poison is said to be the best defensive type. To make a Pokémon poisoned can be useful but there aren't many types that are weak against poison; but as you said, it'll be a challenging. =))) Haha, I suppose not, nothing seem to be weird these days (which is good). I sometimes draw my Pokémon into a gijinka (Pokémon in human form sort of), and then I usually make up a story or give them some sort of character, haha! :D
    How cute, haha. Yeah, posion types are cool, but not to use it for your whole team, well, that's my option. But I'm sure it's working out because of the second type some of them have. Ahhh, sounds like fun indeed! Enjoy! =)))
    Sort of. There are some types I like more than others but my favorite I think is the ghost type.

    I switch the pokémons in my party pretty often, and right now I'm leveling up some breeding projects I've been working with (this sounds way to serious, HAH). But I would consider these as my high-level team; Darkrai, Lapras, Torterra, Suicune, Arcanine, Jolteon, Roserade, Gengar, Infernape and Crobat. And the ones I'm training up (they're quite high now though) is Togekiss, Spiritomb, Roselia, Rotom, Zangoose, Slowking and Honchkrow.

    What about you?
    Ohh I see. There is no pokéathlon in Platinum, but yeah, you sure could enjoy that. =) No problem. I am often that too, as well, haha!
    You posted at your own page. ^^

    Oh yeah, that sounds like a great idea! There is such things as egg moves, EV-training, super contests as well, but they might not be that funny in your option. I've completed Platinums story and I spend my time mostly breeding new, strong Pokémon for battles or just in-game fun. :)
    No computer although my uncles building me one so maybe ill just wait till its ready, get a router and voila. Yeah I know but battle frontier n stuff get a bit borin after a while. Yeah ill just hold on till I can get croagunk in safari zone, train, maybe work on some of my pokemon in the pc boxes fill my dex a bit n wait to get my new computer.
    You got a computer without internet or no computer at all? You got a router?

    Oh, that's just sad! There is SO much things you can do, even without internet access... even though I think it's funnier trading and battling.
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