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  • Hello. This is my daily 'friendly checkup' in order to keep my friends list up to date. You have 1 week to respond
    Yeah, those ones and how they're all being used for someone's avatar.
    IMO they're all awesome, though I wish that I could use one of them...
    Pretty good, I'm having a lazy night tonight.
    Is anything new with you?

    And what did you think of the HGSS avatars?
    It wasn't?
    Yeah, too bad... I guess it was always just a graphical change... It's not worthy of a map icon!

    BTW, don't tell me everything, I only know some of the details. I haven't read anything on the plot at all...

    How are you? =)
    Yeah, they could have kept the old sea one. But I don't really care either way. I usually watch it once, then skip to the title screen every time after that. I'm more concerned with the video of the battling and stuff. The intro showed the TR admins, the battle video showed more. =)
    Yeah, those videos were great. I liked the intro too, even if it wasn't as good as it could have been. You?
    Yeah, well the map icon means that it's something. I mean, the battle tower and Lake of Rage don't even have their own icons.
    Well, I hope it's more than that. It'd be cool if they expanded it a little bit. Besides, if you look at the in-game map for Johto, there's a special Orange-tree icon where the woods are, I doubt that would be ther just for a little path.
    Well, at least we have most of the info. I doubt much in the way of new will come from the high quality scans. Though on one of the pages (the second one I think) of scans, there are a few small pictures in the upper-left-hand corner, and one of them shows the golden forest. I bet that there'll be something there.

    Yeah, Charizard is in the Johto Dex, but GSC's Johto Dex was really the Kanto Dex with the Johto pokemon added afterwards. You couldn't get him in GSC. Hopefully though, they'll make him available in HGSS.
    I think it's against the rules of wherever the people who took the scans (it could be the stores, the shipping places, etc.) to actually take them, so I'm sure that if they were in a rush, they'd take a quick pic of whatever looked biggest (that would be Suicune and Eusine). I bet we'll have something soon though. Actually, since the magazine doesn't come out until the 15th, maybe the employees couldn't sneak the pics.
    They're probably having a private chuckle at our misfortune. Or there's probably something stupid going on, like the people who do the scans being sick, or the shipments being late or something. I hope we get them soon though.
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