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  • Hey, I figured I'd start talking to you here instead of cluttering up an already busy thread:p

    Anyway, the admins at TPM aren't very active so your best bet is to just make a new account there.
    I'll check Pokemon Arena out then, though I don't think I would really be a member there. I'm a pretty huge user here for only a couple weeks, look at my post count. I'm averaging 40 posts daily!

    Ditto on that. The full screenshots will be awesome. I really want to see soemthing we don't know yet.
    That sounds, kind of sad really. One crazy admin broke up a thing of 2000 members?!?

    Maybe I will, I dunno. I kind of feel tethered to this place. And you can put a URL here, you just have to seperate the http:// part and the rest of the link. It's an easy go-around.

    Ditto on that. It's also good to know that we have Eusine back.
    Oh, sorry then. What killed it? Boredom? Spam? Or did it just die gradually?

    Yeah, though I know as I'm typing this that the scans are out, so I'll just go look at those instead of guessing.
    Okay, it's another forum. It sounds familiar though, I'm sure it's been mentioned before or something.

    Yeah, it just depends on what. Personally, I don't care about gym leader artwork, I want some details on the gameplay. Anything on the Battle Frontier would be nice, and Maybe something about Pal Park or something. I dunno, but I want something. =)
    Sorry there, I had to go somewhere, and you're probably not in as I'm writing this anyways.

    I'm waiting for CoroCoro too, I really hope something new is shown. But what's Pokemon Arena?
    Actually, just this morning, I got my shiny Abra! It's not the best nature (Hardy, no boost or minuses in any stat), but it's mine. I got it at number 25 of my chain, but I lost the chain at 33 because I forgot to use repel.
    Oh, nothing really. Just stuff. My mom's birthday was yesterday, and I keep failing at chaining a shiny. What's up with you?
    Happy (a might tad belated, many apologies abounded; I'm very sorry) 18th Birthday, Shane. ^^; Here's wholeheartedly hoping you had nothing undercut of a superfluously wonderful one, of course!! ^^
    Of course I must extend some birthday love over here too!! Happy Birthday Shane!! ^_^ I loved your response to my PM to you on Arena, so sweet!! =)
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