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  • I do like kono subarashi sekai just like you and glad that your avatar is from it
    Oh nice. It is a very funny anime, I love it
    I know it is funny anime and I like it too
    I think I lost at least 10 posts, probably alot more since I like to argue with people in the anime discussion XD
    I also lost like 1-2 friends and one of the XY 2 anime avatars, but I got that back.
    I've been checking and they're saying it might be up by tomorrow morning. I'm hoping it will be.
    I'm doing good, just bored. Cooking pasta salad for my lunch tomorrow while I'm at school and then I'll probably head to bed. What's up with you?
    Hello there as well.
    I did see the lack of the "install nginix" or whatever it's called message, so hopefully you're right. But the whole site gets reset to how it was like a week ago.
    Yeah. I hope I didn't lose my trollish Bonnie avatar and my 3000 posts/400+ friends milestones xD
    I did think you were familiar, my username there is DarkLucarioADV, you know the guy who made the Ash club there.
    Pretty sure it'll be back in a day or two, but still kinda weird not seeing it.
    I think I actually like BW up until the Dragonite episode during Dawn's guest appearance episodes.
    I'm alright, you?
    I was debating on whether I should troll just to start something because it's so boring here...I kinda started to XD
    Dawn+Serena Fan
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