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  • Awww any idea whys?

    I want an art major. xD The school I'm attending has no art majors at all. .3. And ohhhh okies. xD

    *slams down tea cup* THOSE BASTARDS! I DEMAND A 3DS XL! D:<

    I know. x)

    Working away in the studio alone you mean? And heck I went nuts working on a 5 page paper in my school's library today. o.< I was working from 12pm-4:30pm. o.< I got it done thankfully, and met the 5 page requirement but still I went loco in my coco. >.>

    It actually wasn't that bad. ^^ Worst that happened is my besties both got seafood and I was sitting in the middle between them. >_< Otherwise I had fun~♪ And thank ya Xiera. ^^ But I prob won't be too busy, cause I'm skipping classes to sleep in and I'll have the morning to myself~<3 And I can miss 5 classes total, so far I missed none. So I want the day off! x3

    This tells me something. xD Do your buds watch MLP or something? XD

    Well alright. Just lemme know when your set to trade. And I'll trade you over the events I promise, and some doubles of my Iv bred pokes I have. :)
    Sleeping troubles again? D:

    I guess it does, and I'll be transferring soon too, so I won't see one of my besties as much. But I do keep in contact with all 3. xD And your gunna work again? o.o?

    .....I wonder if I wait a little bit longer if they'll make a 3DS XL.........Hmmmm XD

    Ahhh I see. xD And of course. xD It's a lovely name. x3

    Oh really? Well then don't overwork yourself Xiera. :eek:

    Well today even though my bday's not till tomorrow, I'm going out to dinner with my dad, and his gf & and my 2 besties....I wonder how it's gunna work out. Cause they've never really been near each other for long than 10 mins. @[email protected] Guess I'm worried a bit.

    And My little pony is addicting. =w=;;
    Why's that? o.o? And heck I got knocked out like a light. XD

    I don't know, but we all go to different colleges. =.= That's the reason why. >.< And huge breaks sound niiiiice. XD

    The results? o.o Well tell me not to and now I'm curious. Why Xiera why! D;

    Nope. I never really look at Apple stuff since I know I have no money to get anything. =.=

    Octy couldn't tell and my bestie called it a thing. XD

    Slacking in class? :p
    Makes sense. XD And that's good! XD Plus this way you won't starve, and you got some rest last night! :p

    It would sound awesome, if I wasn't jellie of the fact that my bud had his the week before, and that my bestie gets this week off. Coz I'm thinking "Is it my turn yet!? D:" Hahaha. XD And three weeks really? o.o? I only get a week off so uber win indeed.

    Ahh touche. Coz I didn't google it. XD

    Mayyyyyyybe. But beating him on his Bday is like tradition. XD Hahahahaha. XD I'll check out tabbies too.

    I dunno! :D I just found it randomly and asked Octy, my bestie and you to guess it's gender. XD
    Hello? X3 Though you may be in bed by now. XD

    Being geeks is the best imo. XD And just this week to go, and next week I finally get my Spring Break! 8D

    I check youtube for the hell of it, and I couldn't find any tests of sorts to see how truly sturdy they are. XD

    Yesh yesh, but my Bro has a valid reason. And that is cause I had fun on his bday. XD Hmm guess I'll look around and see what I can get then. ^^

    .....touche. That's a answer I did not expect. XD
    The breeding usually is. But that's a given. XD

    Hahaha. Exactly. XD And heck I guess I'm kind of a hermit too. But I can't be blamed, my house is cozy. >.>;;

    I drop my DSi XL on concrete all the time cause I'm klutzy. XD;; But my Humongo is indestructible! XD Well so far anyways. :3 Annnnnnnnnnnnd he has screen protectors too thankfully. XD

    Me too. .__. Well thankfully it's just my dad and bro who like to chase me down and pummel me. =.= Well I have till Friday to think of a way to avoid them. =.=And gone down how much monies exactly? XD

    FUCK YEAH POKÉMON GIJINKA (request: woobat)
    ^ Boy or girl? :D
    I can use Pokecheck to clone, and Iv and ev check. xD And I know how to get clones without ribbons. :3 So I think I have that sorted. ^^

    Very! Lady likes to nag me big time. XD And gets annoyed when I'm on the computer for too long. =.=;; Heck she even woke me up today. x.x

    Oh I'm pissed at him now. ._. Meh men are dumb asses. >.># Meh I can tell you in a Pm if you wanna hear.

    .....................Really? XDDDDDDD That's a bad! My sister tried snapping hers in half before and it still works, and heck I dropped my ds from a second story window before, and when I went to go get it the game was still playing. :'D

    Nope not really, but meh it doesn't bug me much anyways. Only thing I need to do is avoid my bro and father. >.>;; They're gunna try to give me a bday beat down. o.<
    I want a new laptop, cause my last one was a hand me down. =.= But I want one like my sisters....I forget what it's called but it ran my MMO's beautifully. 8D
    No your not being "yak yak yak" at all. XD Heck I don't mind your opinion at all Xiera, since your making a very valid point. :p

    Ohhh no, My grandma's here to stay now. Dx She doesn't plan on going back to Puerto Rico anytime soon. >.>;; And she's moving somewhere nearby my moms house. Fun... <3

    Heh. X3 He lives a few hours away apparently. But going to see London one day just sounds fun.

    No dying. ._.

    Yeah I understand that, and my Dsi xl has been reliable all these years. And if Rune Factory 4 comes out on regular Ds, I'll prob put off trading him in then. XD;

    I know right? My brother was promised a party on his Bday and never got one. My sis......well she's spoiled. -.- But I have a feeling my Bday will end up like my Bros. And to top it off since my mom's bday is ten days after mine she always show me up. Dx And I kinda just want a regular reliable new laptop where I can do schoolwork in peace and not worry about my files being destroyed. Dx
    .....You made your point. And plus I do know how to clone now with Pokecheck, and not get the ribbons. XD; Guess I'll try being AR-less for a bit before I make up my mind then. :3

    ......Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiine. :D I'll live if you say so Xiera. X3 And good luck to us both I figure. XD I just hope my Grandma doesn't bug me much. @[email protected] Cause she came from Puerto Rico on Tuesday, and I haven't seen her yet. XD;

    Tell you more? o.o Like what exactly? X3 Cause I dunno what to say. @[email protected];; Heh. And that's what he told me too...said prices for decent apartments could easily cost over a thousand....so based on what you said I guess that's true? O.O;;

    That's a good thing. XD And yay then~ :3

    Point made. Plus my old ds is still working. x3 But still gunna make my dad buy me one for being a bum! >:eek: Cause he has no money to get me a bday gift either. ._.
    Prolly. .__.;; And cash so that's a no go too. :< Though on the plus side I already have the money I need for the AR again. XD; Since I save the lunch monies from my Dad.

    .....Yes she was. o.< And well no, I'm still alive thankfully. XD This weekend might be hell though. @[email protected];

    XDDDDDD Guess that works out in the end. XD

    Ohhhh okay. And well as for why I ask.....Well.....I wanna go to London someday because my Bf lives there. .///.;; I won't be able to go any day soon obviously but I wanna see him some day so I'm just a bit curious what it's like over there. ^^ And also if I go might as well sight see I guess. XD;

    XDDD It's fine Xiera! After all it's not like you've completely forgotten them. :p And take a piccu of oddish cause I'm kinda curious......o.o

    New Ds or Laptop? D: Which should I get first? @[email protected]; Cause my laptop's hard drive kinda went kaput on me and now it won't work anymore. Q~Q
    XDDDDDDD Gawd I'm a horrid student. :'3
    I should, but It wouldn't do any good with no receipt and the package in the trash.... >.>;; Sheesh my other AR's lasted months....this one....a month ._.;;

    Me neither actually, and I ended up liking it at the end. .3. Oh no doubt about that. @[email protected] And schoolwork. XD;; And it's the reason why I haven't been on and take so long to reply. XD;; Sorry. xP

    No not at all really. :/ And is it really a favvie of yours? Is it coz it's bloo? XD

    *Joins you in said dance* XD

    And Xiera you've been to London right? o.o? What's it like? :eek:
    I do my hw the morning of. XD
    and none at all. D: I think its broke for good. @[email protected]

    Well that's good. xDDDD

    I tried elfen lied ages ago but chickened out. @[email protected] And my bestie seems to love Tiger. XD but ay this week I can't slack. T^T

    XDD And no not really. xD just my shiny luxray. Whom is also kinda "married" to one of my friends pokes so he got pissed when i lost her. xD

    i know how to get them without the ribbons. ^^

    and yay!!!! our convo has 1,000 vms. :D
    I'm at my dad's now so I'll try it out soon after so hw that needs to be done. xD
    EDIT: My Ar still won't work.....I'm pissed. >.># At this rate I wanna feed the thing to my stupid dog.

    I know the feeling. :/ And no it never is. XDDD and that's cool, so he's gunna buy one and let you test it out? o.o That's nice of him. And ewww I know the feeling. Sales people are annoying really. XD;

    Popo-tan is just weird I don't recommend it. ._. And you've seen Elfen Lied? o.o? The first time I tried watching it I scared myself. >.>;; But it wasn't that bad at all. XD I actually really liked it. XD;; And I also started Burst Angel. o3o As for Tiger & Bunny I ask my bestie if I should watch she replies with "YES! O:< TIGER'S AMAZING!!! AND BUNNY'S CUTE WHEN HE CRIES" So I guess i hafta watch now. XD

    XDDDD He'd prob run I figure. And speaking of nomming I found my Platinum!!! :DDDD i thought my dog ate it but no, it's safe!!!! 8D So I can chain shinies too! \o/

    Yeahhhh it is. xD but his pokes are on Pokecheck. ;D And heck I even had my service thread closed. ._.;;
    Hey Xiera. I was wondering if you were still wanting the shiny Chikorita if you were going to be available at some point this week coming? I'm off to Tenerife on Friday and would like to give your shiny pressie to you before then :)
    Really? o.o Well okay then. And also my AR started acting up. ;~; I read that updating the firmware would fix my problem but I left my cable at my dads. >.<;;;

    XDDDDDD Sounds tough Xiera.

    Yeah it is. XD I started Elfen Lied, Angel Beats, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Popo-tan, and some more I forgot about. @[email protected];; And no I haven't but my bestie wants me to watch. XD

    XDDDD But whys?

    It's fine. XD Plus 80% of my mons are NN'd so it's understandable. X3 I was considering asking TwilightBlade too actually. XD
    Ohhh okay. XD Good to hear considering the fact you have precious pokes on there no? :p

    Ohhh wow that sounds awesome. O.O My school doesn't have anything as sweet as that. But it kinda sucks that it doesn't have the Ipad. :/

    It does. XD Every time I'm here on weekends I watch like 5 different animes. XD Ohhh. o.o That looks awesome.......o.o I'll def add it to my list!

    Yesh you can pretend nom. XD

    Yeahhhh my Rougey. xD Named after Rouge the Bat. :p I believe he does help out, but I have a DsiXL so I'm not sure if he could help me much. :/
    Well alright. And it's no biggie. xD And really your gunna trade him in? :< What about your Pokemon games?

    And wow that's pretty damn awesome. o.o It's a win win situation for sure. XD

    Heh. X3 Plus at my moms she got netflix so I started watching every anime on there. >.<;; Hence I forgot. And ummmm what's [C]? XD; Cause google doesn't help me at all. xP

    Your welcome. ;P And then I wouldn't nom on El-bear if I were you, no matter how cute he looks. XD

    Lax nature, has Klutz, and it's a boy but yeah none the less I love him, cause woobats & swoobats are my fave. XD; And thanks to this woobat, I want to RNG now. I just need a good guide. @[email protected];
    .... D: Wth those bastards.

    Sweet! xD Blame my addiction to the game. :p And don't worry about it Xiera, I'm fine with listening to you. ^^
    And that way you'll be able to play the ps3 on the go? o.o

    Oh yeah!! Thank you for reminding me! I asked Kakuna Matata about it since I was gunna watch it butttttt I forgot about it. XD;; And if the 1st op is good that convinced me enough. Coz I'm a sucker for good openings and whatnot. I actually watch some animes based on if I like their songs or not. XD;

    You do have wonderful talent though and I mean it! :D Hahahaha. XD I'd avoid eating him up though, coz I'd imagine you'd be sad no? :p

    And oh! I caught a shiny woobat on the 29th. xD; So it's a leap day woobat I figure. And he's my third shiny in 2 months. o-o Guess all my constant playing is good. @[email protected]
    What that the top screen acts wonky? D: This kinda makes me wanna think more before I trade in Humongo [email protected]@

    ....BUY BAYONETTA!!!!! *brick'd*

    And at this rate I'll prob be done with the series tomorrow but idk what to watch next. @[email protected]
    He is evil. D: Hell I really like Charlotte even if that blasted thing killed Mami. Q~Q

    Oh wow. :eek: Xiera you really do have talent. :3 And your right El-bear just looks wayyy to innocent and cute. ^^
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