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Recent content by xxxthebxxx

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    Were all of Tobias Pokémon "legendary" in his team or did he have "normal" ones too?

    Not sure I remember this, but way back when the preview for Ash's battle with Tobias had come out, many people speculated that the remainder of Tobias' team consisted of random, low-level Pokemon like Pidgey and Starly that he just had to capture to have 6 of. Of course, it's probably not true...
  2. X

    The Timeline (Warning: Wailord Sized Spoilers)

    The whole idea of 3 Universes as mentioned above does make a lot of sense, but what about that tweet from Toshinobu Matsumiya? Sure, it was before ORAS, but it includes X/Y in it's timeline. What if it's possible that there are two X/Y's, the one that we just played through (and part of...
  3. X

    How often do you actually *watch* Pokemon?

    I watch the dub in order whenever I can, and go back to any previous series if there was an episode I truly loved. I only typically watch the League episodes in Japanese.
  4. X

    How often do you actually *watch* Pokemon?

    I'm like you, if I see something from an episode on Bulbapedia I feel the need to go back and watch that episode. I've seen them all so far, but I typically let the new ones build up before watching them. I probably won't watch all of Rival Destinies in English until the season is through.
  5. X

    When Do You Use Your Masterball???

    Usually just on the roamers. Thankfully Black/White only had one, so it was easier than Platinum with its 5 roamers!
  6. X

    Which tournament battle arc do you prefer: Don Battle or DP Tag Battle?

    I prefer the DP Tag Battle for sure, because it developed the rivalry between Ash and Paul much more than Ash and Trip during the Don Battle. Plus, the battles were more entertaining IMO in the Tag Battle.
  7. X

    News Zoroark DVD coming to US on 9/20

    Good, this should have the full opening.
  8. X

    The Pokemon anime officially hits 700 total episodes

    So far I've seen every episode that has aired in english!
  9. X

    What was your first Pokémon?

    My first Pokemon was Cyndaquil in Crystal. I never finished the game, because as I kid I couldn't figure out what to do at the Lake of Rage :/ I don't know why, after playing through Gen III, IV, and V, that I haven't finished it, but I intend to soon. As a homage to Cyndaquil, I picked it again...
  10. X

    When Was Pokemon Best?

    To me, the Diamond & Pearl series was the best, due to the amount of different and new Pokemon present and the more mature Ash. Kanto probably runs a close second, as I love Ash's personality there too. But Sinnoh's story development and the addition of a co-star really made the series complete...
  11. X

    Shiny Pokémon by Chance Discussion Thread

    I found my first shiny in LeafGreen the other day, a shiny Slowpoke caught on Six Island's Water Path!
  12. X

    Which generation has the best music?

    I had to pick Gen IV. The Lake themes, all of Mt. Coronet, Team Galactic's themes, and the Sinnoh Gym Theme sold me. The HGSS themes were amazing as well, and I especially love the Johto Wild Battle theme. It's so epic! Gen III and Gen V are a close second, however. They have great tracks as well.
  13. X

    Gen 4?

    I still play Gen IV because there are certain things in the games that I wish made it to Gen V, such as rebattling gym leaders, the underground, and the Sinnoh region, which I happen to love. I play Platinum and Diamond more than Heartgold because there's more for me to do. I like my White, but...
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    Gen III Graphics

    Gen III's graphics were great for the time. I liked how fast and smooth everything was.
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