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  • Hey, I'm back from my 2 month hiatus. :)
    Sorry I have not been online in while. Things got busy on my end. xD
    How's everything going?
    Yeah, Squirtle did seem random.

    Anyways, if there's anything which Kanto beats later seasons in, it is in humor and plot uniqueness. You definitely don't see as much of the wackiness of Kanto in later seasons. Unfortunately, the battles are pretty lacking, and there wasn't that much development in the Ash-Gary rivalry or in TR as an organization.

    BTW, I just finished watching Steins;gate. Very good anime. Admittedly it takes a while for the plot to develop, but once it does it is one heck of a ride.
    Rewatched the first episode of Pokemon. It's interesting how Aah's first choice for his starter (Squirtle) was the one Gary picked. Also laughed at how we wouldn't find out who was Gary's starter until 5 years later in the Silver Conference.
    [ Agreed wholeheartedly on all of this really.
    Pretty much. SMH
    I just wanna know why the anime still existing as it is/still liking the anime is apparently a crime? I don't get it.:confused::XD2:

    Not his fault per say as PN2000 probably started the convo first and he just wanted to talk with fans.
    Speaking of which, did you hear Kazuki Takahashi, the creator of Yu-Gi-Oh! is coming to San Diego Comic Con this year?

    I know that, but 132 did as I mentioned him, too in the previous VM.
    I would as well as long as it doesn't mean aging him (hate timeskips now, so lame. :lol:),
    but this probably won't happen, but it depends on what tone Kunihiko Yuyama decides to put in for certain series.
    Master Quest was great and SAVED Johto, but that doesn't make up for the other 3 portions of Johto being... meh. :lol:

    We did talk about the hint in XY070, but yeah. :XD2:
    Of course not! He's gonna get the Gogoat he deserves. :spin:

    So I'm watching Zexal from start to finish... Yeah, Zexal II was better, but so far in Season 1... in my eyes, it actually is watchable.
    Here's what I think is "wrong with Zexal", Yuma's pretty decent in most episodes IMHO when put to the test, but overall the tone of the show feels like a Yu-Gi-Oh! rip off of Pokemon in regards to its tone and all. To me this isn't a bad thing, but compared to DM, GX, 5D's and ARC-V,
    it just doesn't fit the the usual tone of this franchise per say. Zexal II fixed that, though. But aside from a couple of meh fillers, I actually am enjoying Zexal I.

    As phanpycross said, Yuma and Astral's banter = FTW!

    *after Litterbot beats him in a Duel*

    "SAY WHAT?!" - Yuma

    "RELAX. He isn't trying to insult you. He is simply stating a fact." - Astral

    "DAAH?! URRRGHHH!!!" - Yuma

    Yugo tells her yes, he's traveled the dimensions several times so there's no doubt about it,
    but in his case, being in the Synchro Dimension again is like coming home again.
    He understands how Zuzu feels though as he was just as freaked out as she is now, the first time he did this.

    During that first time was the night of Rin's kidnapping. Rin had told him she felt like she was being stalked.
    Yugo attempted to protect her but…

    Late one night, Rin is seen running for her life from Yuri,
    but she comes to a dead end and he catches up with her.
    Yuri says it's time that she comes with him and renders her unconscious.

    Yugo arrives to the scene too late. Yuri is getting away,
    and Yugo gives him the chase on his runner, and Clear Wing Synchro Dragon, winds up transporting him to Heartland City.
    Yugo is seen driving around Heartland,
    wondering what in the world happened to it.
    There's destruction everywhere…

    Hoping she was somewhere in this city,
    Yugo kept on Searching for Rin, and found Yuri
    (he actually found Yuto), and says he's not getting away this time.
    Yuto asks if he's from the Academia as well?
    The organization that just attacked Heartland.

    "HUH?!?" says Yugo.
    Yuto asks him again, asking if he's a Duelist
    who uses the method of Fusion Summon.

    "WHO THE HECK IS FUSION?! MY NAME IS YUGO!!", shouts Yugo who says for getting his name wrong, and kidnapping Rin, he's gonna blast Yuri (Yuto) next week!
    The two begin a Duel.
    In reality, Zuzu asked who Yugo Dueled. Yugo said that he had the same face as him, so that had to have been
    Rin's kidnapper. But Yuzu says he was wrong. That guy was YUTO! Yuto was trying to save Ruri from the Academia
    and he would never kidnap Rin.
    Zuzu asks if Rin is Yugo's girlfriend, but Yugo frantically makes several excuses to decline such a statement.

    [You're right, it doesn't. It means it's forced and contrived. :eek:hdear: @ TS fanboys... SMH
    Speaking of which, I HATE Kyron. He says he doesn't talk with anyone unless he can get something out of that said topic/discussion,
    (aka: get people to agree with him), but when people have DIFFERENT opinions than him, he freaks out as he hates being wrong,
    and he doesn't like BMGF's PAD, because other people's opinions on the anime are different with his which is:
    "The anime needs to change or be replaced. It doesn't deserve to exist the way it does now." - Kyrone

    ^ I would say this is a PN2000 alt, but it can't be. Kyron talks about other topics being video games,
    and doesn't view Sarah Natochenny and DuArt as his eternal mortal enemies. :XD2: ^

    Agreed. Even Bonnie and Serena cried when Goodra had to leave.

    See, I cling to that wonderful thing called optimism. She'll be back. Eventually. :XD2:

    Crud. Okay he and anyone else who aren't TS fanboys are an exception. :lol:
    At least Eric doesn't rant about being fired from 4Kids 24/7 as they rant on the anime.

    Yeah. I agree with you and 132's perspectives on improving the anime barring that Misty should return,
    and that companion replacement should end, but as long as Yuyama and the TPCJ execs stick to the formula,
    we're stuck with this, but personally I am actually okay with this as this is a VIDEO GAME promoting anime so it wasn't bound to be amazing from the start.
    That said, DP plot related, AG, BWS1/S2: Episode N, and Pokémon the Series: XY - Kalos Quest (Season 18/Year 2 of XY in JPN), are great.

    I like the song overall now. My problem is the artist.
    The OP grew on me after listening to it a few more times.

    BONUS POINTS if we get any Amour outta this. :lol:
    It also seems like M18 is a group effort film.
    In the manga, Bonnie is seen commanding a Hippopatos,
    and (NO, they did NOT trade) Clemont is seen ordering Ash's Frogadier to use Water Pulse.

    Thoughts on Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal

    - A rival doesn't become irrelevant after one season in Shark.

    - Pretty good romance with Tori (Which is actually paid off for once O_O)

    - A story who doesn't ever drop in epicness (I would argue DM did this after the second tournament, and GX did this after the first season).

    - Yuma and Astral's banter is amazing.

    -Solid dub.


    - I don't like how much Yuma relies on Utopia in every battle.

    But yeah, amazing show, IMO.

    - Phanpycross on SPPF (after finishing Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal)

    ^ See? Zexal isn't complete garbage after all. Disagree on the DM losing quality bit (unless the Virtual World arc counts), ^
    but that's just me.

    In other news, the next batch of the CoroCoro M18 manga leaks confirmed that force-controlled Ash is indeed a thing, so have a party. :lol:

    In the present, Zuzu remembers Yuya telling her about another human that looks like him.
    She asks the guy if he's Yugo by any chance, which he confirms and is happy that someone FINALLY got his name right.
    Zuzu also asks him if he is the Pawn of Fusion like Yuya said as he was was told that from Yuto.

    (Note: In Japanese, Yugo's name sounds like the Japanese word for Fusion).

    "WHO'S FUSION?! MY NAME IS YUGO!! DON'T GET IT WRONG!!", shouts Yugo who realizes that Zuzu isn't Rin.
    She would never get his name wrong. Zuzu asks who Rin is and then remembers Yuri mentioning her when she encountered him.

    Yugo is surprised to find out that Zuzu ran into Rin's kidnapper, and asks where he is right now,
    but Zuzu doesn't know as he was teleported away by her bracelet.

    She explains that whenever she's with someone that looks like Yuya,
    the bracelet will glow and teleport them away when he shows up.

    Zuzu again asks for confirmation on where she is. Yugo replies once more that she's in The City, his hometown.
    Miami City is in a different dimension, being the Standard Dimension and saying that she has traveled here.

    [ That, XY Ash doesn't = OS Ash, so he doesn't make sense anymore.
    Nothing new though. Remember when he would post those brainless posts of OS scenes and go
    "THAT'S Ash, not whatever/this imposter he is now."? SMH

    Dave/David Willis. He voiced Noland in the 4Kids BF dub, and since Season 8, DuArt let him return to voice several other characters in the XY Series.

    But the fresh start is what made BWS1 awesome! :lol:

    Only chumps use those sites, IMO. :XD2:
    But I really don't get this guy anymore. Why do you enjoy/don't enjoy ranting about an anime and then rant about it and its characters 24/7?
    It doesn't make any sense. Heck, I even have respect for LORDE and DS fan now. They may hate Ash, but at least they *GASP!* talk about the characters, dub voices they LIKE, and OTHER SHOWS/ANIMES they LIKE without *GASP!* bashing OS-XY!

    Can You Feel the Power? released from 4K Media complete with opening footage:

    Stay tuned to Yugioh.com for announcements on the English Language premiere of Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V!
    - 4K Media/Konami
    ♪♪ Hey! Hey!
    Can you feel the power?

    You vs me, competition for the victory!
    I could be the best one day, and make history!
    Swing into action! Are you ready to play?
    Challenge anyone, anywhere...
    Any day!

    You wanna take a chance?
    Go ahead and roll the dice!
    See if it's in your cards!
    If you'll pay the price!
    Activate the spell,
    And let your powers come to life!
    It's showtime!
    Who will win the fight?

    I am ready to Duel,
    Go ahead and your move!
    (Go! Go! Go! Go!)

    I'll win this Duel, you can't beat my moves!
    I'm in that groove, I know I can't lose!
    Your turn, your tricks!
    Now what will you choose?
    Can you feel the power?

    I'll win this Duel, you can't beat my moves!
    I'm in that groove, I know I can't lose!
    Your turn, your tricks
    Now what will you choose?
    Can you feel the power? ♪♪
    Duel Runners.
    Duelists fight their battles while riding these vehicles: The evolution of Duel Disks.
    A Turbo Duel is an exhilarating match from start to finish, filled with speed and suspense.
    A symbol of freedom…
    Opening Sequence:

    AV054 - The Synchro Dimension: City

    Yugo checks his Duel Runner to see if anything was damaged, but it's fine.
    He warns Yuzu to be a little more careful next time as he went through a lot to build his Duel Runner.
    Yuzu just wants to know where she is. Yugo replies that she's in his hometown, The City.

    Much to his confusion, Yuzu suddenly begins to talk about the Miami City Championship Battle Royale round,
    thinking she is still participating in it, but then she remembers what happened…


    In the Standard Dimension, Yuzu was trying to outrun Yuri who was attempting to kidnap her.
    In her thoughts, she begged Yuya to help her, but her bracelet glowed,
    teleporting Yuri away as Yugo arrived thinking Yuzu was someone named Rin.

    But before she could tell him otherwise, her bracelet glowed again,
    this time teleporting both her and Yugo away as Yuya and Gong were nearing their location in search for her.
    [I actually like Pikachu shorts but that's just me, but for Japan. Don't forget, Japan likes cute things. :lol:

    Okay, I get that Ash's development goes out the window each series, but isn't doesn't it make 0 sense to say "Ash makes no sense anymore" like he said?
    He's not that bad. And for aging, even TopGengar999 is in the same stance I am on this: Ash should stay 10, NEVER be replaced, but SHOULD get actual development character wise, but if he doesn't oh well.
    Speaking of dumb things, did you hear that DS fan and Lorde became besties? SMH

    Yeah, even if Alame is lame, this is gonna be awesome! Also, as I said, AT is also writing Ash VS Shota in their debut rival battle and Ash VS Valerie. This guy rocks.
    It's cool.

    Agreed again.
    I agree, but there's another side to this too, even if he somehow got Top 8 again, Ash is now one of the 8 most powerful ordinary trainers
    in the Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh and Unova region.

    Can You Feel the Power? (full 1 minute variant) (Opening to Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V) (debuts spring/summer 2015)
    ♪♪ Hey! Hey!
    Can you feel the power?

    You vs me, competition for the victory!
    Hard to the best!
    One day, you'll make history!
    Swing into action! Are you ready to play?
    Challenge anyone, anywhere...
    Any day!

    You wanna take a chance,
    Go ahead and roll the dice!
    See if it's in your cards!
    If you'll pay the price!
    Activate the spell, and let your powers come to life!
    It's showtime!
    Who will win the fight?

    I am ready to Duel,
    Go ahead and your move!
    (Go! Go! Go! Go!)

    I'll win this Duel, you can't beat my moves!
    I'm in that groove, I know I can't lose!
    Your turn, your tricks!
    Now what will you choose?
    Can you feel the power?

    I'll win this Duel, you can't beat my moves!
    I'm in that groove, I know I can't lose!
    Your turn, your tricks
    Now what will you choose?
    Can you feel the power? ♪♪

    [ LOL at this quote from Phapycroos
    Yup: Original meaning: Deus Ex Machina Serebii : Didnt Enjoy Much.
    ^ TRUTH! ^ Anywho, I still wanna know where 4K gets their writers: From ZL009: *a pack of meowing cats appear before Yuma* "AH!" - Yuma "What are these? That AWFUL noise they are emitting is making my spine tingle! It is TERRIFYING." - Astral "Hang on a sec, are you trying to tell me that you're scared of CATS?" - Yuma "They are simply not in my observation booklet." - Astral "Well, let me tell you about them. Cats prowl the earth looking for glowing ghosts they can gobble up for breakfast, that's why they're all staring at you!" - Yuma "Actually Yuma, it seems that these creatures appear to be staring at YOU..." - Astral Anyway, I've gone back to DN, and made some adjustments to my Lightsworn Deck, and won. My opponent quit because I used Black Luster Solider - Envoy of the Beginning's effect to banish his monster, then my other monsters would have finished the job with 10,900 points of damage. One my my monsters (Star Eater) kinda negates facedowns so he couldn't use them.
    [Coming up next on the XY Series...
    - Serena's Second Showcase
    - Ash VS Valerie
    - Frogadier VS Grovyle

    - AT is the screenplay writer for BOTH Ash VS Shota, and Ash VS Valerie.

    Also, Mad-Paced Getter updated with the following:
    - Eevee goes to Serena.
    - Noibat goes to Ash.
    - Oh and well... I'll just leave this here. DP Ash (SPPf)/DP trio in general? Read 'em and weep...
    [Hope you've been well the last few days? I've been well, in other News from Marvel, one of my Newer Favorite Actors being Martin Freeman from thr BBC's Sherlock as John Watson and Bilbo from the Hobbit has Joined Captain America 3: Civil War! SOOOOOOO HAPPY from that Announcement yesterday!!!!!!! :) ]

    Uh...the dub isn't what I'm mainly referring to at all there, other than maybe Ash's voice breaking into puberty even though he's still 10, and who's Dwail?

    Dub or sub, XY TR is pure s*** and I can't stand them: the dub just expounds on a problem the source already has.
    TR just feel pointless this saga and just act stupid and waste screentime they could use for Ash and co. instead.

    Ash doesn't have much personality in either version nowadays, so his blandness bothers me either way. The only time I got a laugh was the failed Dunspace capture, and even that made me head-desk.
    - PN2000
    ^ This guy is unbelievable, isn't he? SMH :eek:hdear: ^
    And his subtly SUCKS with a capital S. He's basically GIVING himself away there. :lol:
    I will agree that TR still feels pointless at times but SUB/RAW only, they aren't crap,
    and got funny again, and even Darth Darkrai agrees that Ash got a lot better than he was in year 1, personality wise.

    Agreed. I'm just saying don't expect them to fix what IS broken. :XD2:
    But this is the game's fault since they're already repetitive in themselves.

    Wait, I leave no room for disagreement? Sorry. But to be fair, I did just say I was kidding, man. :XD2:
    But yeah, I understand.

    Honestly, if the TPCJ execs would just put the anime back to AG, DP (PLOT RELATED), or BWS1 quality,
    or even XY Year 2 quality where we've almost been getting nothing but plot related episodes, I'm good.

    But I wouldn't worry on Ash getting a reset, BW style next series if Tetsuo Yajima stays, or another new director comes along that could potentially be even better than Tetsuo-san.
    He could still fix some things, but I do think Tetsuo-san has been doing a decent job with XY now, after XY found its groove. He took like 40 episodes to do that, but he did it.

    Also, what do you mean, can't wait until 2016 for conflict? :lol:
    Shota is pretty much Ash's main rival now for XY given 75's title: 3 on 3 Rival Battle! Aim Towards Tomorrrow!

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