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  • We can have characters that are trainers and characters that are Rangers, if you'd prefer, we can make it so the trainers free Echo Bluff.
    There are trainers and Rangers, the Rangers do their work in protecting Pokemon from poachers and thieves, as well as making sure everything is being doing right, trainers are just normal trainers.
    A Safari Zone is now located north of Agate Town with the same rules as the other Safari Zones and is run by Pokemon Rangers. Pokemon that can be found here are the same as in the Sinnoh Safari Zone.

    Mt. Battle has higher security to prevent another attack on it by evil teams.

    Cipher Key Lair is now being used as one of Team Gallent's HQ but not their main one.

    Obsidian Village: A small town located on the east slope of Mt Battle. Designed so that lava flows around town completely and leaves it unharmed. Fire types are the most popular type of pokemon here and, due to its closeness to Mt. Battle, its home to the Obsidian Colossuem, which features a battling stage surrounded by lava.
    Yeah, sounds cool. Here's a list of things that have changed in Orre. By the way, I tried making this an RP before but it died...I wish I knew why...

    Realgam Tower now has a town built around its base simply called Realgam Town. Its escentually like a Pokemon version of Las Vegas, full of cosinos and such.

    The Team Snagem Hideout has been destoryed and in its place is a two called Echo Bluff. This town is based off a wild west town and is secretly under the control of Team Snagem, Gonzap can be found here in the mayors office (outwardly appearing reformed). Team Snagem have learned their lession from the last two times and want nothing to do with ether Snag Machines or Shadow Pokemon, they're using Echo Bluff to further their own motives. A Pokemon Ranger mission will revolve around uncovering Gonzap's plan and freeing the town from Team Snagem.
    Well Empira already has Regigigas. Their first mission is probably to steal components needed to make Shadow Pokemon from former Team Cypher bases. At least one is converted into a museum to the events that happened.
    Yeah, though part of their plan is to steal Shadow Pokemon technology, they don't have it from the start so they don't have Shadow Pokemon to start with. Each of the Gallent leaders has a Regi in their partery, Rook, Bishop (the admins), Queen (second in command), and Gallent King Empira (my character). Empira has Regigigas in his party.
    That'd be intresting, but I had this other plot that may be enjoyible, tell me what you think. Basically, Greevil, after reforming at the end of the second game, uses his fortune to resort the Orre region from a wasteland to a bountiful region with wild Pokemon, along with help from Pokemon Rangers. But years later, when the project is successful, an evil team named Team Gallent, who are based off medievl knights with ranks based on chess pieces, who want to take over Orre and use its newly found wealth to invade the other regions. Is that intresting.
    That'd probably be an alright idea, but I'd need to give them more time due to time zones.

    Also, please respond to the conversation itself, you're replying on your homepage and its not alerting me to it.
    Send them all a message telling them to go on a 7:30 tomorrow and message you back confirming or message you back if thats a problem and if they don't reply then kick'em.
    I know, I did. Thing is, its really frustraiting, and I really want it to succeed, but half the people are barely ever on. I don't know if I should just boot those people out or give them the benefet of the doubt, I really don't want to hurt anyone's feelings but I still want my roleplay to suceed...
    I can see what you mean, even with the Haunted Castle some people are lagging behind or were anyway, btw its your turn to post on that thread.
    To be honest, even I'm not sure. Half the people are barely ever on and only like three of them are on right now...I'm frustraited...
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