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  • OMG IT WAS SO SIMPLE!!! I was trying for weeks & weeks to get the thing to work so that I could transfer from one Pokemon game to another (Pearl to White) & I could NOT get it done. So then I was told to try doing it via DS Download Play & I tried that, it took about 0.3 seconds to figure out & bam! Done! I can not believe all of the incredibly difficult descriptions I was told/read.
    Well if my social group, BABA ever gets going it will be easier to find battles there. I will send you an invite to the group.
    If anybody knows of a Facebook group related to Pokemon, can you find me & let me know?

    My name is Yaelle Glenn, so you just type that easy to spell name in on FB & voila. I am sure there cant be more than a few hundred people with the same exact name as me.
    Hey I saw your post in the welcome thread and I want to extend my welcomes (although I think you joined a little before I did) and see if you would like to battle sometime. I cant use wifi for gen 4 games because I have a secure internet connection, but I can battle or trade in Gen V. Alsoe we could battle online using pokemon showdown

    PS, I am 46 so sorry you are not the oldest.
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