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  • Sorry for the late reply. That little habit seems to have become a 'thing'.
    Y'know, I've actually been meaning to watch Sherlock Hound, after being bombarded with random sites bringing it's existence to my attention. I think Eggman is more than enough of a reason to check it out, so thanks for simultaneously alerting me to that and giving me more reason to clog up my hard drive with more animation!
    Agreed with balance. I prefer that too. :p

    Also, nice find. I always noticed most Generations didn't do much to help previous Pokémon in their level-up Movesets besides 4th Gen, which did an amazing job for the most part. And hoo boy, the horrible Gen 2 movesets... it's the reason I never used Ariados despite liking it so much, until 3rd Gen. Even ignoring the atrocious showcasing of 2nd Gen Pokémon, it is a fact most of them were worthless. No wonder I only used Ampharos and the Starter for the most part. At least things have gotten better.
    I took a vacation from both sites, actually. I pop in and out sporadically now, since so many young Pokémon fans still give me a headache if I talk to them for too long.
    All I asked is if you lived in Japan. You didn't have to overreact like that. A simple, "No" would have sufficed.
    Yeah, afraid it is. The design is simply too much of a letdown to me after the fairly good Treecko and Grovyle, and its in-game performance was terrible, both of which ended up shaping my negative opinion. It's not as bad as Scyther or Dragonite, but yeah. Sceptile's always been pretty low in the scale to me.
    He's a character from "Mario & Luigi 3" (I think the game was called something like "Bowser's Inside Story" in the U.S.). He's also freaking hilarious.
    Dost thou remember me? I just wanted to say Hey and I think it'd be nice to return to Bulbagarden after such a long hiatus. :)
    Hey! Unfortunately, it seems to be the case. Though I'm not giving up completely (They did standardize stronger Elite Four Rematches in BW), it's clear they've picked that awful path.

    I always expected them to leave non-Starter Move Tutors out for some reason, but I always wished they finally started with the Battle Frontier and the Gym Leader rematches from the get-go. They're by far two of my favorite features in the whole series, and it sucks I'll always have to buy the 3rd game to enjoy them. What I'm glad they didn't do, from what I've seen, is that they at least kept the BW gameplay quick and seamless. My biggest irritation with this back in 4th Gen was that they dumbed down gameplay in DP so much, it pretty much made buying Platinum a necessity.

    You're right in all accounts. Black/White is basically Diamond/Pearl MK-II, but done right. Even knowing I'll have to buy the 3rd Version for the other features, these paired games look truly fantastic.
    I was looking for something Aizen related and stumbled upon this entry of yours.

    I smirked at how accurate that portrayal was in light of recent events. XD
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