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  • Oh wait you were on when I turned on my 3DS but when I started the game you apparently weren't. So can you an you get on now?
    Something I found here...

    Hell, even I'll admit the anime could be better (although some of the fan hatred towards it is still completely unwarranted... it's just a kids' show, guys).
    So you'll criticize Pokemon Special which is a Manga MADE FOR CHILDREN yet you don't like the criticism towards the Anime because it's MADE FOR CHILDREN.

    I'm sorry but... what?
    You seem so keen on taking potshots at Special yet you rarely say why you continue reading it. Look, this isn't about you criticizing "my precious Manga" since even I have my issues with the series. I'm just curious as to why you keep up to date with it when you pretty much do it to rag on it and say how the Anime is "so much better" (but hey, I'd be a hypocrite for acting like I never did any comparisons). Is it a "so bad, it's good" sort of thing like "The Room?" Do you just read it out of boredom? Wouldn't it be best to give it up if you can find little redemption in it?

    I'm not trying to convert you to liking it. I just want to know why you keep reading it plain and simple.
    You know, I'm not sure if I asked you before but... what about PokeSpe would you say you like (and keeps you reading)? I'm not out to pick a fight with you or tell you you're wrong. I'm just curious since you're so keen to critique it (not that it's wrong to, I have my own personal pet peeves) and hardly point out what you think is good about it (from what I've seen so that might not be much to go off).

    And for the record, I don't hate the Anime. I think there's a decent amount of quality (Movie 1 and 3 are my favorite films and OS and AG are my favorite series) to it despite certain issues I find with it.
    Akzivx V. I post in the XY forums, too, so you have no excuse to not know who I am if you read my signature.
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