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  • Nice to see that I'm not the only one who is upset that Shiny Pokémon still don't have their own mini sprites : /
    Okay, you have my curiosity: what exactly is that little sprite in your sig, the one between the Espeon and the Venipede?
    Yeah, I know right? If you ever remember someone named Pikadreez over there, that's me! I remember I had a lot of sprite contests and I got all of the prizes saved too, and I randomly decided to look through them the other day and I noticed that you actually won my first one. The world is such a small place, haha.
    I've been meaning to ask you this for a little while now, but you're from Mew's Hangout, right?
    Well judging by ignoring its obvious you don't want to talk with me. Sad but now that i know where you stand i wont bother you ever again.

    Apologies for disturbance.
    Hi, not sure if you received pm i sent to you or not. Sometimes i have problems with pc so if you could let me know i would appreciate that.
    Hey wanna join my-chikorita's new forum?

    Field of Innocence - Home
    Be together again for nastalgia sake?

    I got my avatar from the tumblr site Fuck Yeah Pokemon Villains.

    To make things easier, click thge button that says "find a character or tag" and click on a picture of one of those guys (I suggest Maxie or Archies since there aren't as many picture of them to look through as the other 3)
    This is my avy pic
    And this is my profile pic
    /Cheren (Pokémon)/#322956 - Zerochan

    This is how you find a lot of cheren pics on zerochan.net XDD they keep updating every now and then, so maybe you missed a few??
    /Cheren (Pokémon) - Zerochan Anime Image Board
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