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  • Okay :) I'll get them for you in a few hours or so. Right now, I've got other stuff to do XDD
    Gooooooooooogle XDD Some of them were around tumbler, and some of them from zerochan.net XDD
    On the newer games, right?.. :)

    Epic <3;

    By the way, what are your plans for christmas?

    I don't know mine quuuite yet XD;

    Also...my tounge has been sore and hurting all day today :/ i hope it gets better..
    I don't exactly pay attension to levels anymore cuz I already won the game quite awile back and I really only battle online with set levels on there nowdays anyways :)

    Yeah I like Twilight Sparkle a lot, too! She's cool and I find her one of the easiest to relate to :)
    Who's your favorite pony? :)

    And I understand ^_^ I hope waiting is easy enouth for me...(I've been getting bored with things way too easly lately :( having autism doesnt help much...)
    Wanna have a POKEMON BATTLE?!?!!!

    Also; Do You Watch My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic?

    I hope you've been doing well!^^ im okay right now :)

    I found out it is your birthday by the list on of users who's birthday it is today on the main page of the forums. I recognised you from the VHS? and Poll - What color do you associate with the Ice-type? threads. To answer the question "Who're you again?" I often post in the Garden Grotto, Pokémon Video Games, Pokémon World, and Fun and Games forums.
    Well he mighta changed his name on Serebii.net by now for all I know (he was LeoFlygon there, i remember). No idea what he'd be called now! Probably still has the name 'Leo' im pretty sure tho xD; i'd guess...
    You seemed to have mellowed down a lot xD; i'm still rather hyper in many ways i guess...my body still cant handle sugar very well either x.x;

    I barely changed xD;

    I havent seen enouth of Cilan yet to form much of an opinion on him lol

    Talking to you again after all these years feels awesome ^_^ i was wondering what happoned to you...(now i wonder whats happoned to Clouded Leo o_O; )
    I'm not embaressed at all (tho sometimes i obsess over him in ways that make me feel a bit strange when im not playing pokemon nowdays, though...*i really dont understand why that is o_O; oh btw...im being him for halloween^^*).

    Ash Ketchum is still the hottest and most adorable boy in the show, though XD; I may be 21 now (man! did time ever FLY--gon?!XD; *chuckles*), but haha. Like Ash ever really looked '10', anyways?<3;

    I might re-join i dunno. doubt i'll post much tho (chikorita's forum is best, i hope u'll join soon!^^ theres no spam board, tho, but u could still make up stories about them...*if that helps?*).

    BTW, how old are you now?^^ 17 or something?XD;
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