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  • Well at least I didn't have to mension i was also that same person who thought Ash Ketchum was hot!...now i have.....

    Yay, i'm soo glad TO SEE YOU AGAIN! *glomps!* You seem less insane and random now! xD; I might know that forum, but if Itachi (or whatever he was called i forget) is an admin there, i rather restrain from joining...(I never liked that guy very much -_-; )

    Oh, it mighta been Ishota. Yeah.

    I also have a place to show you!^_^
    CHIKORITA (surely u remember My-Chikorita too? <_<; ) is the owner of this place. THE OWNER! I'm a g-mod there, and we're going to make it HUGE! I do hope u will join soo we can b one big happy family again^^ sinnce we were all such a gang back in 2004...
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