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  • Here's your banner! Sorry it took so long, I've had a lot going on.
    Let me know if you want anything edited.
    PS: I realized after that I misplaced Dialga, so you decide which looks better.
    saturday... the 15th? i think i have a bat mitzvah party the day... but i can stay up that late any day, if you have the time in the morning.
    dude w/e, you learn from your mistakes. and honestly, this isn't the place to learn to play competatively since it can become so inactive. which I really hate that this forum is like this, since its my home forum. Try another forum to become competative, or try playing on PO using the smogon tiers. those can always help you.

    BTW if you can get a match with SS, that would be great. but at this point i think everyone lost interest in the tournament :/
    I'm in GMT-5. I'm around all week, cause I'm home on spring break (my district's messed up with break). but since I've been out of it for the past week, I'm going to be warming up a bit. btw, i can be found the same place SG vm'ed you a few days ago (2 down) as the mysterious stranger
    what?you're not supposed to be battling me, you're supposed to battle soulless shadow. go message him -.-
    if you're unsure, come look for me here:
    Dracaena chat group - Serebii clan chat area
    I'm on there a lot, so i can help you with your team if you need it.
    Regardless, you should try to get your match done anyways.
    hey dude are you around? cause you NEED yo get your match done. If you dont come online ill have to figure something out.
    Sounds good. (that's what I've already been trying to so for the last month). And sure, I'll transfer some more, but only if we can finish in one session :p
    Just make a PO OU team with smogon tiers. I'll help you make one if you need it. Look for me on here and message me(dont forget to change your name)
    Dracaena chat group - Serebii clan chat area
    Axel, I want a PO Gen V OU match. I want to buy you, but I'm concernd about how well you can play. So i want a test. 'Cause ill probably end up buying you anyways.
    You up for it?
    Yeah, you can arrange trades to transfer your Pokémon over to the new game, as an exception to the new rule.
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