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  • I see lol, my bad. Sometimes you can get easily mistaken about genders unless they are specifically revealed in profile.

    Yeah i know, i was surprised myself when i heard how much Piplup is popular over there, especially when it seemed anything but being loved on English forums with all that bitching and complaining. I guess Japanese have different taste and perspective on what is interesting and cute, and i suspect he is main reason behind Dawn unusually long return(unfair to other girls which left cast) because of immense popularity.

    Nah its ok, i just wandered where other characters stand with popularity over there thats all.
    Wait a minute, you're a girl all this time? For goodness sakes, for the last 5 or so years I thought you were a guy. Wow.
    Hi mate i was wandering if you perhaps know Japanese? I was always curious how its like with Japanese pokemon online fandom and forums? Do they talk about same stuff Europeans, Americans etc do or situation is there different?

    And i always wandered who are most popular poke characters there? I only heard from someone how Tracey, Brock and Misty aren't popular at all while Ash and Dawn are among tops? Is that true?
    Sorry for bothering, im kinda curious. Nothing else.
    I understand how you're feeling. except for Ash catching a lot of Pokemon. Aside from Ash's capture of Palpitoad (he caught it because it was strong, and capturing it would keep it from attacking the group), Ash only caught Pokemon that wanted to join him. I felt it was pretty in character.
    The BW anime isn't that bad, really. Whenever a new series comes out, people will bash the new series whilst upholding that the series beforehand is the best ever. Same thing with other shows.
    It's even worse in the anime. Not only is it as hideous as ever, it's whored out way too much, has an awful personality, and steals the spotlight away from the other Pokemon.
    I don't understand its appeal. It's a hideous little snowman-clown-baby with a potato for a nose.
    I hate Oshawott with a burning fiery passion.
    I think we could be great friends. :p
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