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    Shogakukan secretly hates you.

    Actually, since America and Japan have several treaties with each other, doesn't the Japanese law override the American one? So technically they still could go after you if they wanted (if my understanding is correct). Well technically it's not even close to being fair use, instead it's more...
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    Shogakukan secretly hates you.

    ...Or at least it would seem so. Apparently Hayate no Gotoku creator, Kenjiro Hata, made a note of concern over Shogakukan's crazy strict copyright rules. Seeing how Pokemon is among one of the series they hold ownership too, this obviously applies to the fandom. The rules, as detailed on the...
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    Which protagonist do you think has the smallest fanbase?

    Probably Crys. Which is incredibly depressing since she's my favorite... ._.
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    Are Ghost Pokemon Really Ghosts?

    The very first games PROVED pokemon don't turn into ghost types when they die, so I don't know why people keep on pushing that rumor as true. Also I thought everyone agreed--dex entries usually exaggerate information or just go with whatever sounds cool. They all can't be true, not when you...
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    Is Pokemon Satanic?

    Oh wow, really? I'm taking it this is at the "Tower of Heaven" or whatever it's called? Either way, totally cool.
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    Fansites served with copyright infringement notices: PokéBeach, Serebii targeted, mor

    Re: Fansites served with copyright infringement notices: PokéBeach, Serebii targeted, Not to mention, the letter doesn't just talk about Black and White, "Going forward, you must also refrain from posting any screenshots, videos, or other content that infringes Nintendo’s rights in the Pokémon...
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    Spritedump Thread? Spritedump thread.

    Nah, the girls are still wearing regular bikini bottoms. I think it's just because most American men where swim trunks instead of speedos...not that I can blame them.
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    Spritedump Thread? Spritedump thread.

    Those kids are way too tiny to be ten. Plus they're wearing clothes assigned to Japanese pre-schoolers. It wasn't a mistake. I think it's kind of like getting a license... A kid with a permit can still drive a car, but they're limited by the fact that they need a legal driver with them...
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    Spritedump Thread? Spritedump thread.

    *lol* Since when did Carmen Sandiego live in the pokemon world? Also the pre-schoolers are adorable. I love the little girl!
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    Gym leaders/ Pokémon League

    Except pokemon is one of nintendo's hottest properties, they aren't going to be stupid and put something in that could attract bad attention. And secondly...she's a freaking girl. For one thing, I think Japanese players would've said something if it was actually a trap and for...
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    Gym leaders/ Pokémon League

    He? Dude, that definitely ain't a he.
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    Another philosophical question

    If you mean with the people--of course there is. All the games, manga, anime, etc. have always shown human characters who are corrupt and just don't care about others. If you mean with pokemon on the other hand...I believe the games have made it clear, pokemon are naturally good hearted...
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    Black and White will take place in the future of the Pokemon world, right?

    Although I'm happy to see an older Cattleya, I really wish the time skip would've been more drastic. Shirona really doesn't look much different...kind of a shame.
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    "Pocket Monsters Best Wishes" - coming this fall!

    I don't know why everyone's so psyched over Miyano doing Light's voice. Maybe it's because I don't really care for dramatic potato-chip eating man, but honestly, wouldn't his role of Tamaki (Ouran) be a better comparison of what type of role he'd play? I mean come on...Tamaki was a high class...
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    Contest: Jigglypuff vs Clefairy

    Definitely Pippi. It ranks up there as one of my favorite pokemon of all time, I love everything about it.