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  • thanks for letting me know, but I got one from another thread
    I'll be sure to stop by your thread if I'm looking for DW females though :)
    You're forgiven. This time. :D

    Luckily my phone company doesnt get conceited about their services. They suck, and they know it.

    Mm yeah, I thought Irene dying was sad too. Still, I dunno how it ends, so dont tell me what happened to the rest of the Schiffe, ok? :p
    I wonder if I can find Blood+ DVDs...

    Hahaha Ill cook you the grandest feast ever concocted!
    I think it was my 3 years experience in a kitchen that did the trick. Jess didnt let me wear my fedora. :(
    It may also have been my develish good looks, but you never know.

    Shes so yellow and bug-like. My first ever successful Masuda attempt. She was the 186th egg hatched.
    Haha Im glad. But yeah, dont scare me like that again, young lady. :p

    You're serious? They actually call their employees Geniuses? My Arceus, thats a bit conceited. Especially if they cant help you. :p

    Ah yes, the Schiffe! Thats right. I named my Victreebel after them. :p
    I remember Moses. And was Lulu the creepy pink-haired one? I liked the big muscley one with a mace.

    So right, I went to my job interview today. And I got it. So now Im a chef again. I didnt wanna get back into a kitchen, but desperate times and whatnot. At least Ill get money again.
    Yaaaay! You're alive! I was really starting get worried. One more day of absence and I would have called you to make sure you were, ya know...alive. :p

    It sucks that your phone has been playing silly buggers with you. Hopefully the 'genius' at the shop can fix it. Though from my experience, people in phone shops are rarely geniuses. :p

    Ah Blood+. I remember when the SciFi Channel used to have Animax, and I loved Blood+. Mainly Haji, due to his cello/shield and daggers. And the evil claw-hand he has. Im not sure if I ever saw the end of it, though. One of the last things I remember from the show was those chiropteran supersoldiers, but they were on Kai's side, and used axes/scythes and such. That was an awesome show...

    Anyways, Ill talk to you soon, I hope! I have a job interview tomorrow, so maybe I can get a new laptop soon, which will make chatting to you so much easier. :)
    *huggle sleepy huggles!*
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