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  • There is no such thing as "too kind" where you're involved. I dont think i can even be as kind as you deserve.
    You're on Aussie time? You mean you've gone back to being nocturnal? Sweeeeet.
    Your beauty is absolute. No sane person could use it as argument fodder!
    Ah right. Yeah, sometimes getting online seems more like a chore than a chance to unwind. Kinda why Im not active anywhere atm.
    Well then, drop me a line on Skype! I'm dying to chat to you!
    Tch, well anyway, you're pretty. No arguing that point. ;P
    I liked it better when they had universal releases, like bw2. Ah well, can't win them all.
    I see. Why is that?
    Also, how's things at home? How's is everyone?
    Pls what now? Don't argue with my points :p
    Hmm that's really odd for Nintendo to have such a huge release gap. Has lil ol' Aus pissed Japan off somehow?
    Oh, haha I see. Responsibilities eh? Like, mod stuff?
    I think it would be full of pretty things like...you, and my drawings and cool music and comfy couches to chill on and...other epicness. :D
    For once? Haha you've helped me out so much with games over the years I kinda owe you. Getting help again would be nothing new.
    Holy damn that's such a big release gap! I wonder why that is...though it does explain why I've seen no mention of the game in our stores. :/
    Well I was on today but it said you were away the whole time. How dare you sleep or something!
    Heheh and what would this place be like? ;)
    Well, I might still get it when I'm done with Monster Hunter...though I haven't seen it in the shops here...has it even been released here?
    Hmm yeah sorry about that :p I'll start using it again.
    We should make our own corner of the web for just the two of us haha!
    You think so? Why not?
    Oh yeah, speaking of Skype...we were gonna Skype call at one stage, weren't we?
    I know what you mean. I think I was happier when it was just you and me and the webs...damn "maturing" crap...
    Ah I've seen that, but it doesn't really interest me. I've played enough PMD, or is this one different?
    You make a good point! I think you're the reason I got Skype in the first place :p
    It does, yes...I have too much going on in real life...plus I'm playing the hell out Monster Hunter atm...so there goes a lot of time. :p
    Perhaps I'll need to get back into Skype then. I don't have a lot of contacts there though. :p
    Ah that's fair enough...I think I'm too lazy to be active on any sites these days anyway.
    Damn straight we do! What's the easiest way to chat for you?
    Ah right...I'm not sure what my plan says about international texts...
    Haha oh right haha nah...Twitter. why don't you get a Facebook, though? It's been a while since you last had one, right?
    As would i! You have no idea how much I miss you these days. I mean, I have a "group" IRL, but I don't get along with any of them like I do with you.
    So, why is texting no good, just wondering?
    Hehe Yaaaay! :D
    Hmm yeah, I have a Tumblr (goldenmuk) but I don't use it too much. I suppose texting is out of the question? I know you don't use Facebook...I could probably get a new Twitter I guess.
    Aw now Tay, I'll always care for you. You've been a massive part of my life. Of course I'll worry about you. :)
    Yeah, but Boston wasn't too bad...2 dead as opposed to "dozens" in Texas. Not that the Boston deaths were any less tragic...its just not Americas week, it seems.

    I get ya...and that's what makes you such a lovely person. :)
    Phew that is such a relief! of course its horrible what happened, but Im so glad you weren't nearby. Scares the crap out of me any time something like that happens over there... :(
    Man, could you be more considerate haha I love the fact that you want to help others even though it was nowhere near you :)
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