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  • I'm not really sure - do you have any ideas? Maybe get her powers to evolve or find her guardian? Tbh I don't really mind.
    I don't really care. Either is good. ^_^

    EDIT: After looking it over, I'd say Rose should be supervising her. Of course, she can't read very well.
    Just wanted to let you know; I was thinking about having the tome be cursed, and drain energy from the person reading from it, if that's alright with you. Like, Metzli wouldn't really notice much while she reads it, but maybe halfway through the volleyball game, collapse due to exhaustion? I don't know, I'm still working on the idea.
    Just so you know, she's reading about her true weakness in the tome, which happens to be her emotions. In case you were wondering.

    If Aya maybe understands the ancient language, you can have her catch on to that.
    The tome is basically about geomancy, otherwise known as her ability. It's written in some ancient language so her weaknesses won't be exploited so easily, if that makes sense. I'm planning on having her abilities get out of control sometime later in the roleplay, if you're willing to allow it.
    Sorry I still haven't posted. Can you give me a quick summary of what's happened in my absence?
    Hi Yun I'm not going to be here between Wednesday and Friday since I'm on a school camp so I won't be able to be on the rp. Could I get you, or Heroic Sociopath or Flaze to control my character while I'm not here? I don't mind what happens while I'm away (one thing - not die), so hopefully that would be fine with you? Besides, I wouldn't mind seeing how someone else plays out my character as I could see the writing style difference, learn something new and maybe figure out my rp errors along the way - I just don't want my character suddenly go blank while in battle or whatever!
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