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  • Yep, yep, I was just wondering how things would have to go were I to choose that--and I will. Thanks and sorry.
    Alright, yes, I understand that. What I'm saying is that...look, what am I supposed to do? Have Caldura come up to Rose and be like "accompany me?"
    And how will that work if you're in control of Rose?

    I can't keep relying on you like this, Yun. It isn't healthy.
    Ok cool thanks for helping me understand. I can be such a idiot at times! One more question - (sorry for my stupidnessshould I let heroic sociopath know since he controls grandma? Edit: i'm gonna start my entry now if you don't mind, again thanks for helping me
    Ok yun I editied my su by erasing both powers and adding that she can go 70-150mph. Ok im gonna sound a idiot because I am tired and I can't comprehend simple things well. So just to clarify I still see fire shocked falk never told me for safety concerns and how does grandma get involved? Againim really sorry for sounding like an idiot i just need sleep but I got homework so I'm a tad stressed and a lot tired.

    so can you explain it a bit more easier for me? (Again so sorry for wasting your time!)
    Hey yun I am currently writing up my sign up after long last, and I was hoping I could kinda (hopefully) be intruduced something like this: (but you are the creator pf the rp so you can decide to change, alter erase this)

    I'm planning on starting my character soaring in the sky and training after a long day of high school. She is ignorant about the fact that her brother Falk and the others have entered a rift as she never told because of "safety concerns" coming in left right and centre from her brother and grandma despite the fact she can fend for herself and (as far as she knows) a 14 year old is doing it! Suddenly she smells smokes and flies to that direction and see's the restaurant reduced to ashes. She drops to her knees staring at the remains of the czech restaurant she never really liked. She is angry, confused, upset and overwhelmed. Then maybe the guys in the rift come back and the restaurant is reversed to normal (Accourding to Heroic Sociopath eho said it would) and Robin (my character) is mad at her brother but secretly happy he is back (she has a reputation I guess) and gets into a fight with him saying why didn't he tell her and stuff like that...

    ...Is-is that ok? :)
    I think I'm having a block. because I have NO idea on how to introduce Omega in the RP now... Sorry it's taking me too long to start.
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