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  • not much just trying to figure out how so many people are able to legit make it through the battle tower, never have been able to do those since they came out.
    I am okay not bad, by the way I successfully bred all 665 pokemon (Manaphy is not required to breed Phione, interestingly they both breed Phione. so in a since there are 666 breedables but only 665 eggs :p). Thanks for asking. So what are you up to, and sorry it's been half a month.
    You were going to trade 1 or 2 of your Mew. I can't remember what you wanted in exchange so I'll have to locate my old thread and find out.
    Were you still interested in the trade we have negotiated? I've attempted to go online as often as possible in the hopes of seeing you online but I've been quite unsuccessful. Are there any times this week you'll be available to trade?
    Hi! I have my HA Fennekin ready to trade, so just message me when you're ready! My Friend Code is 0602-7718-4743
    My apologies for double posting but my word, this guy. You're kind enough to offer two event legends for nothing in return, and he decides to ask for clones of all of them.

    You're a much kinder person than me, of that there is no doubt. Speaking of which, I still owe you for that Keldeo you gave me for free ... is there anything I can do by way of recompense?
    Hi, I saw you needed help with trading your eggs. Let me know if you still do. Sorry I was going to send a pm but my post count isn't high enough yet
    That's alright, you can just trade me the other two Mew. Hopefully we can arrange a time soon. What times are you usually available?
    nah its ok you dont owe me anything :3 I'll be able to be on more in a couple weeks. XD Ive been busy with stuff this month c:
    I will attempt to keep an eye out for you as much as I can. I will also require your faraway Island Mew, as the other trade I had planned fell through, so when you come online, feel free to choose a third Pokemon, if you're interested.
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