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  • I'm sorry I missed you! I took a nap, and slept too long for my own good.
    I know for sure I can trade Monday. If I'm around Sunday however I'll VM you.
    Hey I've got Woobat, and Bunnelby bred. I've also cloned my shiny Ralts. So I'm ready to trade when you can, I'll be checking in at regular intervals today. As for Thursday and Friday I'll be on a majority of the day.
    Hi! I registered you. My FC is 0576-4616-1571. We can trade now if you have time? Since I see you're online. If not, later will be alright too, I'll be online the coming hours.
    Hey Yvertalplf you probably don't know me but I theacegamer! You were on the jirachi giveaway thread and so was I (but we were both too late!) But lucky you! You are getting a jirachi - (you posted your own thread!) But I'm afraid if I post my own thread (btw I like your title you put) it will look liked I copied you! So that's why I'm asking you, can I post my own lf jirachi thread?
    1. What you just did was called hijacking someone else's forum and is against forum rules. When you want to ask someone about something they mentioned in another thread that was not you're own (unless it's an offer thread) you should VM or PM them instead. 2. It's a shiny Charizard. 3. Yes I would be willing to trade is for a Diancie code.
    Oh I just realized! As you're after a Adamant Deino the Hydreigon I'm breeding it from is a special based Pokemon and it doesn't have any physical egg moves. Did you want any and if so what ones? It'll take a little longer for me to get the competitive IV Deino if so. Sorry xD
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