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  • @Lavender Thanks


    BUHAHA! I had somekinda burst and beated all kanto gym leaders yesterday.
    Go team go! Now I'm going to try my luck with league once more before I challenge Red.
    Just an habit I have.
    Ok...The first try didn't go all that well...
    Claire must have used somekinda allways critic hit code...
    On the second try: MWAHAHAHAHAAA...!

    Now to get a Lugia.
    @ others
    - Thanks.


    MWAHAHAHAAAA...! Tonight it's going to be Claire VS me!
    Finally made it out of the ice cavern and I'm allready urning to beat her!
    ...This becuse I do have a backup plan this time. ^^
    If everything else fails (namely if I can't destroy her Kingdra by force) I'm going to use the Woobbuffet I gaught yesterday.
    Ok, so now I've done it! T.R finally left Goldenrod!
    Good times. Wartortle evolved into Blastoise in the basement and baltoy evolved into claydoll in the fight with Petrel.
    Next mission: ...Try my luck with Claires Kingdra...
    Today I deleted the save of my SS. Then I migrated over my Baltoy, Squirtle and my Shiny Torchic. I'm currently in Azalea, ready to rescue Slowpokes.
    My party is so far following: Combusken 16, Wartortle 17, Baltoy 16, Zubat 16.
    HOOOORAY!! My Pichu just found it's (and mine) first shiny leaf EVER! ^^
    (>^.^)> <(^.^<) (>^.^)> <(^.^<)
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