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  • Did you started plaing/watching/following Pokemon from Gen 1-2, or was it from Gen 3+? I wonder how the Pokemania went for Australia. (For the record, I've started living in Australia from 11 years ago.)

    I know in the US everyone went crazy for the games and the anime - and then there were the stupid religious fundementalists that screamed, "OH NO! YOU'RE PLAYING POKEMON, YOU'RE BELING SINFUL, WICKED CHILD!" Ironic, because I know a number of Christian friends that played Pokemon at various times in their lives - one's really conservative, and he enjoyed playing DPPt - and he was quite interested in how the franchise moved on when I should him my copy of Pokémon Y.
    Hello friend,

    Thanks for sharing some of your stories to us. I'm glad to hear that there is yet another Pokéfan closer to my current home turf. Since when were you a Pokéfan? (Is Ashley also a Pokéfan too?)

    Cheers and catch you later.
    - henrymidfields
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