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Recent content by ZeekSlider

  1. Z

    Simple Questions / Simple Answers (Gens 1-7)

    Re: Older Games: Simple Questions Thread Pokemon Stadium 2 runs on a chip (EEPROM? I can't remember), so I would assume Pokemon Stadium 1 is designed the same way. The only N64 game I'm aware of that has a save battery is Donkey Kong 64.
  2. Z


    Easy Target This extremely rare Pokemon ability causes the Pokemon to actually be weak against the types that it is Super Effective against! (i.e. A Water Type would actually take x1 Fire damage instead of x0.5; Ghost Types would end up taking x1 Normal/Fighting damage instead of being immune...
  3. Z

    Your "FUUUUU" moments :D

    N64. Pokemon Stadium 2. Challenge Cup. Ultra Ball. R-20. Attempt 34. FAILED!! Why? My water type to handle the round was a Lanturn that new Water Gun. The first opponent it faced was a Piloswine... that new Earthquake and had a Scope Lens. Back up was a Vileplume with Razor...
  4. Z


    Timely - The moves from this Pokemon gains a priority over all others in battle if it is being used in a battle OUTSIDE of its nature. (i.e. Noctowl would go first when used during the Day, but during Night, it would act as normal.)
  5. Z

    Creepy things in the games

    How is that any different from a chicken's egg? Seriously, Chansey's are the Pokemon world's chicken.
  6. Z

    Stuff you want to see in Pokemon that it's currently not offering

    I want to see the Stadium 2 Mini-game mechanics return in some fashion. By that, I mean that each Mini-game has the ability to use a Pokemon you own in the game. If you win that mini-game, your Pokemon gains a bit of happiness depending on the difficulty you are playing at. This only works...
  7. Z

    Simple Questions and Simple Answers 3

    Basically, the question boils down to this: Because the Pikachu in Yellow is holding a Light Ball when transfered to G/S/C, does that mean it's stats are better than the Pikachus in R/B/G/S/C. At least, I think that's what the original question is.
  8. Z

    Your "FUUUUU" moments :D

    I knew this would happen eventually. Challenge Cup, Pokemon Stadium 2, R-2. Finally got a good team and made it to the final round. Was on the last Pokemon for that opponent. And then the power hicupped due to an approaching thunder storm. N64 reset. Progress lost. If only you...
  9. Z

    Your "FUUUUU" moments :D

    Last night. Challenge Cup for Pokemon Stadium 2. Ultra Ball. My third time for the night in a row. The first trainer can be taken out by a Water type since he will always have five Pokemon that are weak against it. My Water type this time around was a Lanturn again.... ...that knew...
  10. Z

    Wait! what? Moments

    Currently trying again in the r-2 Challenge Cup in Pokemon Stadium 2. I have a Venomoth that has the following: Posionpowder Toxic Sludge Bomb Take Down It's also holding a Poison Cure Berry. One part FUUUUU, one part "Wait, wha?!" Seriously, can't this game generate me a...
  11. Z

    Clever Pokémon Nicknames

    That's not clever! That's her nickname from the R/B games! :-P I named mine after the Hawaiian word for kiss, Honi. I pronounce it "honey."
  12. Z

    Clever Pokémon Nicknames

    Fan of chugaaconroy?
  13. Z

    The Final Game

    Then it wouldn't be the final game. The Final Game isn't a reboot. It's saying "we are not going to produce any more. We are nto going to reboot. We. Are. DONE."
  14. Z

    The Dubious Database (Simple Questions)

    If I shark a Wobbuffet that knows Encore in Crystal (which was impossible fore Wynaut's introdcution), how would that cause unbalance in the Gen. 2 rule set? I honestly don't see why that's a game-breaker moveset since this is before Abilities, and you could switch a Pokemon out if it got an...
  15. Z

    Wait! what? Moments

    Ever see a tree fall over due to an earthquake? :-P