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  • I'll be right back, gonna take a second and put Dubious Disc on that Porygon2 so I can get that as a tradeback too, okay? Thank you!
    Hey, I went ahead and gave you all of them, because I got my breeding done earlier today. All you have to do is evolve them... Enjoy your full pokedex! :D
    Well there ya go. I find it kinda weird that some evolutionary items arent findable in the wild in X and Y like in past games. Oh well. Evens out getting BP after every battle at the Battle Maison I guess.

    No problem~
    This tradeback has taken a week and a half longer than expected. But 8pm! I wont forget! I swear! Only fourty minutes.

    I think I will just play while waiting though. I want to get these trophies before ORAS....
    Ah uh... oh. Whoops sorry. Like I said Im forgetful! And get distracted easily. I gotta go like... right now so yeah tomorrow. Definitely.
    I got an email again and hey my my inbox is full again so youll have to say what you wanna say on my profile thing~

    And I just cleaned out my inbox last week...
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