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  • Well I totally wasnt ready yesterday (I get distracted a lot) but I will do my best to pay attention today. By the way I dont think I have you added anymore because I have to delete a lot to add more people (dumb 100 FC limit) so mind sharing your FC with me again?

    Edit on Wednesday night: Uh... Thursday? Friday?
    Assault Vest and Life Orb I can do but Leftovers... I only have one left and Id like to have at least one of each item myself so yeah sorry. I could get more but... they take absolutely forever to obtain. Or maybe I could lend you my pickup team or something (2 Ambipoms and 4 Aipoms all level 90+ and with Pickup) if you wanna do it yourself? But its super boring and not fun to try and get Leftovers. I dont even know how I got several (traded all the others away for other stuff) without going crazy from hours and hours of trying to get Leftovers but....

    In short I can get the BP items but not Leftovers unless you wanna do it yourself with my pickup team. But I cant trade tonight since its getting pretty late.
    Alright I think we should continue the Pokedex thing soon with whatever youre missing. Internet still not working?
    Well you'll find a lot of anime/manga fans on here.

    Anyways I don't have a favorite anime. Yes I listen to japanese music, my current favorite artist being Nano. I have many pairings, and I have never cosplayed.

    Though some of my favorite animes are Inazuma Eleven, Phi Brain, Tiger and Bunny, and Aquarion.
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