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  • I guess you haven't ever heard of the YuGiOh Zexal anime... Going to PM you soon.
    Cool, I watch all the anime, too. Yeah, ZeXal's my favorite. I like the modernness of it, as well as Yuma's optimism and confidence. Yuma's my favorite character 'cause he's fun and he inspired me ta improve my outlook on life. Yerp, the franchise does a good job of not dragging on. I'm excited for the next episodes!! I'll still cry when Pokemon ends, though. You have a very peculiar way of replying ta messages :b . If you post on the page of the person you're talking with, then they'll get the notification and know that you've replied.
    I am watching the YuGiOh anime in general, but I like Zexal cuz it has that futuristic feel, plus the fact that its duels look much more "real" than the older series' ones (okay, Yuma can be Mary Suish, but I like him as a character, plus Astral as DEM covers it up).
    At least, Yugioh goes with something new and it's going well (compared to a certain franchise's last series that isn't that great...)
    You don't hate it? For real? I don't like it because it's powerful, I like it because I really like its character, and 'cause of nostalgia and its design, too.

    Holy Ra, you like ZeXal now, too?! I must be possessing you >:D !! Who's your favorite character??
    What do you dislike about Mewtwo? The stats? The anime portrayal? The design? Or do you just hate it ironically?
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