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Recent content by Zexy

  1. Zexy

    Do you have any 100% IV Pokémon?

    April 23: Mewtwo from a special (non-lucky) trade. Doesn't have Shadow Ball and probably won't get powered up :( April 25: Lapras from Raid Day. Unfortunately getting a perfect expended my luck to the point I didn't get a shiny June 5: Onix from Adventure Week Field Research, evolved into...
  2. Zexy

    Do you have any Shiny Pokémon in Pokémon Go?

    April 29: Random Cyndaquil May 8: Lucky Trade Feebas for 40.000 dust, a friend who missed Mewtwo really wanted one so he gave me a spare shiny which I didn't have to make it worth the cost. I should evolve this someday to get the Milotic Lucky and Shiny entry both at once, but I suspect...
  3. Zexy

    Who's Your Buddy Pokemon?

    When Cranidos got enough Candy for an evolution, I switched to Gible. Once that one got ready too, I switched to Burmy. I plan to go back to either Cranidos or Gible once the Sinnoh dex is over.
  4. Zexy

    Which new Alolan shiny are you most excited for?

    Out of the 4 wild-spawning Alolan shinies, I'm most hyped for Geodude, then Exeggutor, then Rattata, in that order. Diglett's meh. I still don't have Shiny Kantonian Geodude despite my biome spawning lots of them, so I'd like to get that family dex registered, even if it's the Alolan version...
  5. Zexy

    The Official Pokémon GO Community Day Thread!

    December CD was great as a concept and I hope this year it's done again except that now that we do expect it and prepare accordingly it can be better. January CD was very good too, with Hydro Cannon Feraligatr having immediate use VS Groudon and being best non-legendary Water type, but knowing...
  6. Zexy

    Pokémon GO Adventure Log & Stories Thread!

    It's been so so long since I last made a post here, and trying to do this old-style is just going to take ages, so I'll just try a different approach. I did post lists of all shinies, luckies, 100s and the like in the relevant threads so I'm not going to repeat myself here, so let's see what...
  7. Zexy

    Do you have any 100% IV Pokémon?

    Spinda from a quest back in November. Haunter from a Gastly trade just after Gengar Day :( Oh well, waiting in hopes Lick comes back. Marowak and Rapidash from Ingress Prime weekend (wild Cubone and lucky from trade respectively) Feebas from an Egg (before Limited Research, so at least I didn't...
  8. Zexy

    Lucky Pokémon

    Lots of luckies since my last post... Grotle and Walrein after October CD. Halloween event, Dusknoir, Sableye, 100% Drifblim, Skuntank, several Gengar with Lick (some powered up), several Pikachu with hats, Mismagius An Alolan Golem Pinsir Weekend, got a few, maxed out too. Ponyta/Cubone...
  9. Zexy

    Do you have any Shiny Pokémon in Pokémon Go?

    OK so it's been a long while since my last post here. December Community Day (well, weekend): 4 Bulbasaur, 3 Larvitar, 2 Chikorita, Squirtle, Eevee, Beldum, Dratini, Mareep, Charmander. Evolved a few to get spares with the exclusive move for potential trades. But most importantly, I got...
  10. Zexy

    Who's Your Buddy Pokemon?

    So, ever since my last post here I got a Riolu from a trade and switched my Buddy to that. It took 250 km to get the 50 Candies needed to evolve, and by that point I got done with Bronzong/Lumineon too. So I've now switched to Cranidos, which I have nicknamed "Larvitar 2.0". As in the updated...
  11. Zexy

    Who's Your Buddy Pokemon?

    Got done with Buizel, went back to Shinx. Got done with Shinx, changed to Skorupi. Got done with Skorupi, changed to Finneon. Also have Bronzor in mind after Lumineon is ready, and that Riolu's still not hatching :(
  12. Zexy

    EVENT Hatchathon 2019!

    Quite a nice event for the extra Stardust and Candy from hatching, especially factoring in the 15 free 1-use Incubators I did keep from the previous Holiday event. Add in some Super Incubators from previous event's Ultra Boxes which I didn't use for 7kms back then, and 7km pool not changing...
  13. Zexy

    Your "Yes!" moments.

    I'll just focus on two major ones because of all the build up leading to them. When I got Shiny Pikachu during December CD's 3 hour window, and when I got Shiny Ho oh today. These two Shinies I have struggled with a lot in the past. January CD I actually encountered only one Shiny Pikachu of...
  14. Zexy

    Pvp Has Launched!

    So, I'm more of a PvE guy and has always been like this ever since I got my first deep dive into MMORPGs with World of Warcraft. This is no exception: as cool as PvP might be, getting all my friends excited, I'm more interested in how I can make a gain out of it for PvE purposes than anything...
  15. Zexy

    EVENT Pokémon GO Holidays 2018

    This is going to be a really nice event and I have lots of thoughts about it, which I may elaborate on at a later time... but for now, what I'm mostly confused at is what exactly will "double incubator effectiveness" mean :( Hopefully this is clearly addressed before that part of the event goes...