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    It totally rolls off the tongue though, with the alliteration. Father Christmas is such a loooooong name. (Me? Biased? Perish the thought.)
    That story sounds plausible to me.

    What were the major differences? The way it was prepared and served, or the food itself?
    Since it’s always been done that way in Finland the kids probably see him coming through the door delivering gifts personally as magical. Maybe you should go around town and poll the youngins? (Being a young woman your chances of being arrested wouldn’t be too high.)

    EPIC FAIL jk. xD

    I remember doing that too. We also had “reindeer oats” which is jus oatmeal flakes with sparkles added to it. The birds must have been happy about that.

    MSN no, working on getting Skype. If I get it now I would only be able to type, lacking a webcam.

    Nice sig btw. XDDD
    (Nothing wrong with that, part of the reason I got White for my sister was because you got this for free when you bought either version at Target. Was there for a totally different reason that morning and ended up killing two Pidgey with one stone. Plus I have a shit ton of other stuff, which I think you saw in my blog already.) Holding off on getting the 3DS at least until summer. And maybe even longer than that. Mostly due to the 5 hour battery life.(If a 3DSLite comes out in a few years maybe they’ll correct it and I’ll only have to spend money on one system.)

    Sounds like a good plan.

    Me too. :/ Least The Princess and the Frog went back to the traditional animation, and Disney said they would be releasing more…but still make more 3D/CGI movies. Eh, it’s something.

    Just like prior to the VA switch…
    Do you have a link to this clip?
    Late reply is late. My apologies. ^^;

    Indeed it was him, I was in the mood for some eye candy. Another Supernatural fan, yay! :D Seems we both picked it up later in the game, I started towards the end of 2009. Even made a group for it.

    Shit, they must have been really pissed. If I had to guess, it was NK that got upset.
    I don’t think there would be a manga industry if they follow those guide lines. xD

    More excuses. >:p Fine, I’ll drop it. Can I still blame you though?

    ...there are double decker trains!? *totally out of the loop* Dear Arceus do I need to get out of this state and see the world...
    Crazy stuff there~ Do you know where Kris Kringle came from, or was it us Americans who added that bit?

    So it's like a two-day long party eh? A much better idea. xD I had to work on Christmas Eve Day, but everyone got to go home earlier than usual.
    Having Santa come right to your door is a heck of a lot easier, but seems less magical to me. Oh well, if I had lived there all my life I'm sure having him come down the chimney would be weird. xD

    (It's a conspiracy I say! They're implemented to limit free thought. Heck, they're even called "limits", they don't bother to hide it!)
    Idk which Balto sequel I saw. Pretty sure I saw all of the first one, then the one where his daughter heads off to lead her own pack (2nd or 3rd?)
    It seems like most Disney sequels suck too, with a few exceptions (TLK 2, The Rescuers Down Under)

    Nothing wrong with still enjoying cartoons. xD FOP, I used to watch that all the time when I was little. Stopped sometime before Cosmo and Wanda had the baby. Same with Rugrats; Watched it all the time 'cause of the babies cute antics, but quit during All Grown Up because their cute antics were now pretty weird for preteens. Angelica was still cool though. And we've already discussed Teen Titans. xD
    Very sad indeed. It's $300 here ($250 if you preorder, not sure how much if you do a trade-in), which isn't as bad. But still, $300 for 5 hours of battery life? Wtf? With me back in school and working, I may just wait for the 3DS Lite to come out. If I can resist the temptations of the launch list. (Must....resist....Star Fox....LoZ....Animal Crossing....Mario Kart....shit I might not make it. D:)

    Me thinks it's because the majority of Wii games weren't HD compatible. We have an HD cable for the Wii, but there's barely a difference in quality.
    I've been getting different opinions on that. Other people have said that games over by you are reduced in price after a month of the original release. The exceptions are big name games, like Mario, Pokémon, etc. So Idk, maybe it just depends on the game and the system it's on.
    Well that sucks. They know it's stereotyping for teh lulz right? Seems odd for Sweden to get upset. Korea, less so. Is it both or just N.Korea that is banning it?

    You have no excuse then. :p Three pedals and three symbols on keyboard keys? What is it with you crazy Brits? xD Ah, one of the few things we do better.
    Is it more expensive because you guys get double-decker buses? (I wanna go on one of those someday...)
    I used to skate on a lake by my grandpa's old house, but now I'd be too much of a chicken shit to do it. ("Zomg what if I fall through!?! I don't care if the ice is 3 meters thick, there's still the possibility dammit! D:")

    When I figure out my password and username I'll do that. xD
    Seriously!? Never knew Coke was the cause of his attire. he should lay off the drugs. My mom still buys me an advent calendar. Haven't been keeping up with it though, since I'm still working on my St. Nick candy.

    Crackships and Nevermetships can be just as fun as the more "sane" ships, if not moreso.
    Is it banned in those two countries now? What did it stereotype that offended them?

    Woah, what do you do if there are three symbols on a key?
    For the most part it's the same though.

    I think we have indoor snow centers here too, but I've never actually seen one. (I haven't seen/been to a lot of places in my country. ._.)

    Ah I see it now. Can't believe it took me that long to realize it. xD
    Really? I feel so honored. :D I can drop you a line on dA, but I only log on their once a week at the most. Usually on here a lot.

    I'm really hoping that $500 isn't the final price on it. Nintendo has always been about being more affordable than Microsoft and Sony. If they put it out at that much, I don't think their sales will be as good.
    Nice. xD In winter you won't need a car to travel around a city, you can just use the dogs and save on gas.
    ({Finished, no thanks to this limit})
    On a random note, your avatar is becoming more and more appealing to me, courtesy of Luna.
    ({Need to get this piece o' crap fixed, keeps cutting out on me.})

    I've heard of Layton, but never played the games at all. See you're excited for the 3DS to come out too~
    Do you have her Husky act as a sleddog? xD
    Sorta. I love the idea of Christmas, or at least the original idea of being together with loved ones and giving for the sake of making another being happy. Since I'm from Wisconsin, I love cheese, so all those cheesy (classic) Christmas specials they put on every year? Yeah, I love those. :3
    On the other hand, the commercialism kinda kills it a bit for me. =/ And every year it seems to loose its magic more, but that's what happens when you grow up and realize who's really leaving you presents under the tree. Don't worry Santa, I only say that for your protection. Still leaving cookies and carrots for you and the reindeer come the 24th.

    You'll have to provide the plane-size cooler then for it. :p
    Fun fact: The Weather Channel over here started holding a "White Christmas" contest last year, where people send in a video showing why they deserve one. The winner somehow gets snow brought to their home/location-of-choosing for the holidays. Apparently it's going to be an annual thing, because I've been seeing commercials for it this Christmas too. (Maybe you could borrow their cooler?)

    They don't? Glad I said I was 21 on mine then. xD

    (What does orz mean? You've said it a bit in our conversations, and I looked it up and got the meaning "headdesk" or something like that. Just checking to see if I totally screwed that up. xD No limits on dA? Maybe I should drop you a line on there then.) Don't worry about that, I understand you're busy with real life and such. If people don't reply to me right away it doesn't bother me, since it isn't a life-or-death situation.

    ({Transmission interrupted...again. >:/})
    Wish I could say the same for booze here, but some people do fit that stereotype on binge-drinking. ._. Isn't that what Hetalia is supposed to do, personify a country with all of its stereotypes meshed into one being/character? xD

    Oooo you have such interesting smileys. Never seen "Q_Q" before. Still didn't figure out how to make the "¦" symbol, but I'll just cut and paste it.

    No worries, you didn't come across as snobby. That's just my fancy way of saying "I'm totally clueless on this matter, but please don't think any less of me as a person. ;_;"
    We can both share in the fake pride/deep shame of being uncultured peoples~ :D

    ({Transmission interrupted})
    Actually I do, but I just have it to get access to the more "risqué"/violent pics. Never actually posted anything 'cause I can't drawn for crap. (Three crappy doodles I've made, along with other random pics.)
    You don't like tea? What kind of Brit are you? I wish our overly-patriotic stereotype would disappear >.>

    WHAAAAAA!? Chocolate is teh best, much better than plain vanilla!

    Whoops, my mistake. ^^; You'll have to forgive me with not being as familiar with the landmarks of other nations, I iz uncultured American~
    It's like the future and the past collide with those two buildings being next to each other. xD

    Indeed, the media has conditioned us to want a fluffy White Christmas™ each year. Normally we get it here in WI, though if I recall correctly the snow came right after the holidays :sweat: Who wants it after Xmas is over? (If you say "me" I'm shipping all of ours over to your ditch.)
    Same here. We never canceled school unless it was like a blizzard, where if you go to Florida or Texas and there's frost on the ground you get no school lol. lucky bastards.
    {{Now you made me go over the limit too, curse you!}}
    =O I less than three that pic!!!! Never seen it before, so many thanks for the link! Actually, the only pics I've seen of the pairing are the ones posted in the group for it, so any new ones are greatly appreciated.
    Used to do that a lot when I was a kid too xD Apparently when I was little (around 3 or 4) I would just eat sticks of butter raw >.> Just thinking about it disgusts me.

    Snickers are <3 ! I'm not a big fan of ice cream (I just have to be in the right mood for it. Rarely do I want to eat it, but when I do, it's friggin' delicious), but I'll admit Snickers ice cream is pretty good.
    ...how did this conversation go from shipping to food? xD

    Fudge nuggets D:
    ...what is that thing exactly? (No offense to the Finnish people, but that is one crazy-looking building.)

    That's great =) You want snow already? I'm hoping we can make it a month longer before it starts to fall here. Does that mean the whole town had a snow day then? (Always wondered how hospitals function in times like those =/)
    It's basically whipped cream with a hint of sweet flavoring

    Perhaps, but I still think they are nasty. I don't really care for candy other than chocolate (Reese's and Snickers being my faves) The answer is rich people who can afford to buy $312,000 watches. Any pics of teh cakes? (Favorite HP jelly bean was probably popcorn. Earwax, snot, vomit were all nasty just like their namesakes. They had chocolate frogs!?)

    You have a pretty crappy spellcheck then.

    How's it going in Finland?
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