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  • Corn dogs are nasty imo. Not sure about marshmallow fluff, but I love dipping strawberries in fruit fluff <3 o_O who the hell would buy a cake for over $200, much less $1000? Same for jelly beans, I hate those things (except the kind in Harry Potter)

    Oooh I can understand that. I had that with peanut butter for awhile (please forgive me PB ;_;) Maybe it's for the best, according to my dad that's what they eat in prison >_> I'm pretty sure he was just tried when he was saying that, but it was still weird. Doesn't it give you the option to use British English spellings?
    ((Back to 2 VMs))
    =( How sad. It's understandable though. That's why I don't really read/watch shounen anymore other than FMA and Pokémon (and Code Geass if that counts.) My friend owns up to vol.12 of D.G-M I think. Not sure if she's going to continue either.

    Same with me and Kyou Kara Maou! (Boys Love/Fantasy Adventure parody series) The anime was overall bland and meh, but I love the characters and still read fanfics of my OTP occasionally. *wishes they would translate the light novels so she could finally read them* It weird. The manga-ka had enough talent to get us hooked with awesome characters, but sucks at the pacing and story =/
    You mean series that are explicitly yaoi? None. I go for shounen-ai over yaoi, because I prefer the fluff to smut (light yaoi is ok though.) I find/make shounen-ai in a fandom rather than looking for a show based solely on if it's boys love. Sorry if that doesn't make a whole lot of sense ^^;
    It's better in the long run though. My new favorite unhealthy eatable is Pearson's Salted Nutrolls. People kept bringing it through my checkout line, so I ended up getting one to see what all of the fuss was about. Was delicious~ It's nothing but peanuts and marshmallows stuck together. That sounds disgusting (I thought it was too at first), but it tastes so good~ :D Oreos are awesome too. I like making quadruple stuffs <3

    =O How can you hate bread? It's so yummy! Idk if I can keep talking to you now that I know your true colors...jk. My dad yelled at me once for eating bread. It was awkward, so I left the room and ate it. Baguettes are good too. (Don't you have spellcheck on your browser?)
    Aw nuts =( Thanks for looking though.

    It probably would be a lot better over there, you guys are a lot more healthy than us.

    As a salad or a sandwich? I want the latter now, I hope you're happy :p

    OMG you feel the same way about it! I quit sometime after the Lvl 4 Akuma and the Hitler dude showed up. What about you?
    Hmmm Lavi x Allen obviously, along with Allen x Road and Jas x Debi. I love Komui, Tyki Mikk, and Crowley too though~
    Sweet! Could I get a link to where you found it?

    McD's is yucky :p
    I had chicken tenders with ketchup last night. Was yummy~

    So you support Lavi x Allen too? Even though I don't read D.G-M anymore, that's still awesome.
    Tbh I have trouble remembering the lesser known ones/ones with characters who don't regularly appear on the show. Good thing we have a ginormous list of all of them available so we can keep track of them xD

    No kidding. I just call it a sunshower.
    So the US does have more names...why must we always trouble everyone else by being so difficult? xD

    I have an 'alt' key, a 'g' key and a 'r' key, but no 'gr' key D:

    OMFG that's adorable! *_* Thanks for sharing! Mind if I add it to to Ketchupshipping Club?
    That pic makes me want a hotdog and french fries now, with loads of ketchup of course~
    My mistake ^^; Congrats to you then!

    Respectshipping = Ash x Drew
    Comashipping = Ash x Paul
    Cafemocha = Ash x Dent (This one is gonna be awesome, I just know it~)
    Toxicbolt = Lt. Surge x Koga
    Ignition = Volkner x Flint
    Forgot to add Bouldershipping (Brock x Ash)

    Same here. It's just different to be able to hold the book in your hands (and not have to wait for pages to load.)

    It's very faint, but if you look close it's there. I think it's just a very light shade of brown though.

    That's a perfectly good reason to like something.
    I was curious because of this survey I found of dialects here. (Where the hell do people get "the devil is beating his wife" out of that?)
    What other names does the UK have?

    You mean this site? If so I lol'd at it too XD

    ...can't find it D: Maybe a search on Google will help me. "How to make ¦ symbol on keyboard"
    ((More blabbing))
    The one were Gromit was framed was pretty good from what I remember...but it's been awhile.

    A Hetalia fan eh? I watched the first few mini episodes, but it didn't really catch my interest *shrug*
    I'm curious now, what do you call it when it rains while the sun is out?
    Do we now? I only here the United States, the United States of America, or America...but now that you say that it is a lot, so you just proved your point xD
    I can't pull off the Donald Duck voice for Toto :( Congrats to her though.

    Ikr? Their love was so pure T_T
    Slash pairings I like in Pokémon = Pallet, Respect, Coma, Cafemocha, Toxicbolt, Ignition, and...that's all I can think of atm.

    Same here (and I have a theory as to how they got that way.) As for the smut, I don't see it either =/ (Not that that has ever stopped fangirls before.) That's why I liked that series I linked you to, it real does their anime personas justice. As for the manga...Idk, not as familiar with it.

    Oooo sounds like you have pretty hazel eyes :D My aren't 100% green either, they have a light ring of yellow/light brown around the pupil.
    ((Now I'm doing 3 messages too))
    Don't know about you, but I find foreign food offensive. How dare people go against the American way and eat something other than cheezeburgers and fries >:O I remember the plunger thing they used instead of bullets and guns. And they got rid of Sanji's cig for a lollipop. And they turned a black character into a pink white one. All those incidents brought figurative tears of laughter and sorrow to my eyes xD

    Or words like raise and raze. Sound the same, but they're opposites. But that isn't too major because I never hear anyone use raze except in English class.

    You fail :p I need to learn how to make the "¦D" face now I fail too ._. I can make upside-down faces though, so maybe I don't . .
    ((Continue y/n?))
    I love green too because it's my eye color, except I prefer the dark/forest tones to the lime-green ones. At least those don't hurt after looking at them x_x Wallace and Gromit I've heard of. They used to run three mini-movies of it on Cartoon Network when I was younger. Then for awhile I didn't here anything about them until they made The Curse of the WereRabbit. My dad likes them, so he has the latest movie on DVD, but I don't particularly care for it. I think the creator is doing shorts on Disney Channel with sheep now. That's ok, I still get confused by people calling Bubblers 'Water Fountains' (In Wisconsin, Bubblers are the ones you drink from and Water Fountains are what you throw coins in :p) I also get confused by the Great Britain and the UK thing, along with certain British slang.
    She can!? *is jealous* I can just do Jigglypuff, Mew, and Cyndaquil. I'd love to be able to pull off a Pikachu one.

    True that. My favorite crack pairings are Ketchupshipping, Handshipping, DownBoyshipping, and whatever Kanto Pokédex x Hoenn Pokédex is. They were all made for each other I say! (Though the only one I'm really passionate about is the first one)

    Yayz for Palletshipping then~ I was the same way too, except I just watched the show more instead of reading the manga. I love the interaction between Gary and Ash, and depending on my mood see it as either friendship or romance. Regardless, I still enjoy the both of them.
    Fuck yeah >:D I'm assuming the original version with subs? That's probably for the best, though the dub always holds a special place in my heart (even with all horrible edits and mistakes, like Lita/Sailor Jupiter saying she should be the lead in a school play because of her "talent," aka her bewbs. That just made it even funnier because they still keep the 'boing' sound xD) The UK can't play region one DVDs? But...they're in English...

    Perfectly normal. I wanna steal Yuki and hug her too <3

    Seriously? That seems so complicated to me, but I guess English seems complicated to those who don't speak it at all too.
    "Het has one cawk, yaoi has two. Do the maths!" So. full. of. WIN! XD That also explains the new avi you have which I forgot to comment on until this point. I'm not a big Honorshipping fan (explanation for the name plz? I'm guessing it's about upholding the tradition of their gyms or something like that), but that pic is still hawt~

    No hard feelings if you don't like it =) (I don't like forcing my ships on others ^^;, so if you really have no interest in it don't feel inclined to read it.)

    ...I think you're the Brit version of me xD I was a tomboy and hated pink too growing up! (Growing up with three brothers can do that to you. I still don't really care for pink, except with certain Mons like Mew <3) Never heard of Postman Pat or Zzzap! or Pogeymonz. Didn't read Peach Fuzz just because I thought it was a rip-off of Sailor Moon, and I can't remember if I ever finished Absolute Boyfriend or not. I usually go for shounen manga manga over shoujo too.
    ((Damn you limit!))
    Here's the only pic I have of Drake on my computer atm. I could look for another one if you like. And here's his dog Duke for an extra treat.

    XD That sentence is a lie!
    ...anyways, yes, everyone has seen SM but you, you should get on that. It might be getting a re-release soon, so you have no excuse :p I warn you though, the anime is filled with filler and part of the reason it is awesome for me is because the the nostalgia. Watching it right now, you might not like it. The people on there have the twerps stupidity (as in, how can no one notice how Sailor Moon looks EXACTLY like Usagi/Serena? The only difference is the tiara and the clips) and the fighting style is really impractical, but it's still a fun magical-girl series.

    Never saw the movie!? It was pretty good, even if it had more RxS then my liking. Definitely watch it if you get the chance.
    I originally liked strictly het ships because of a mental block ("boy x boy = gross. Do not want"), but thankful I got over that (that was sometime in my early teen years I think.) Now I love shounen-ai. Not so much shoujo-ai (I like guys, what can I say? Nothing wrong with shojo-ai though.) Not really into yaoi or yuri though, I just like the fluff :3 My favorite Palletshipping series would have to the Rich and Intrepid Souls series by Stormy1x2. It's just the most perfect and believable amount of fluff <3 Too bad it looks like it's dead, it was getting so good too... [/randomtangent]
    OMG she is stunning just like you said! (*_* x 10) My bro's looks almost exactly like that, except it has blue eyes. He's only a year old I think, along with his other dogs (They're all a few months apart.)

    Congrats on getting the basics at least (that's about the same level I'm at in Spanish lol.) Um.....no idea what that last sentence was xD
    Ah yes I remember those two. I think my first ship was either Pokeshipping or Mamoru/Darien x Usagi/Serena from Sailor Moon. Or maybe TK x Kari from Digimon. It's been so long I forgot. I know that feeling, it's awesome when good characters go bad. Just ups the tension and what not <3 Did you see the movie Trouble in Tokyo?

    Just can't resist those button eyes *_* That story was both horrifying and kinda funny (the part where the hamster was looking all innocent. No disrespect to your pets meant.) My gerbils didn't rip each others faces off, one just took out another's eyeball. Not sure if they got in a fight or if the one died and the other was just hungry (their food container was full, so Idk...) but still, that wasn't a fun present to come home to.
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