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  • Haha, yeah. Finland has alot of awesome things. x3 Wasn't Marabou from Sweden though? o.o idk. lol, you spelled them all right. Aaand the last one is from Pasila, right? xD I love that show!
    X3 Can't wait!

    Haven't seen Teen Titans in awhile, though I do remember I liked shipping the birds more than Robin x Starfire. Got up to...season 3 I think before I stopped watching regularly. My favorite episode was definitely 'Haunted.' I love mindscrews like that.

    He is, though if he was a Pokémon he'd be a Growlithe with a very timid nature lol. I think I know what you mean, I had gerbils when I was younger (one turned out to be a cannibal though o.o) Little rodents are so cute, that must be why we both love Pikachu xD

    Oooo you're in Finland now? That's awesome, and from the sound of it so is that dog! *_* I love huskies, because like you said they're just gorgeous creatures. My older brother has one, along with a Weimaraner and an English Mastiff (because he's insane.) Going back to Finland, can you speak Finnish at all, or does your friend help you with that? Or do enough people speak English that you don't have too? (Now it's my turn for stalker questions lol.)
    Me too. Not sure what it is you all do there, but at least it looks good. I hope it lives up to them too.

    In some comics he does, though the only times I've ever actually seen Ace was in the cartoon Batman Beyond. (I'm not too familiar with Batman in terms of comics either, I just watched a lot of the cartoons. Joker = one of the best villains evar, nuff' said.)

    Rusty is a golden retriever who started as gold, but then became rusty as he got older (we lucked out on that one xD) We used to have other pets too, but they passed away. So now all we have are Rusty and like 30 fishes x_x Do you have any pets?
    ohyes, Finland is awesome. x3 Fazer is like the awesomest chocolate ever. too bad its not popular in other countries. :C Dallas Pulla is pretty good too. x] Do you know any Finnish? xD not sure but whateva'.
    Props to your friend then.

    I know that feeling. Only 6 or 7 months to go ;_;

    OMG yay I can send my character to Black City and....I think that's it for version exclusive areas. Still awesome though.

    They put them back up recently, at least for the Pokédex part anyways.

    Tis my doggie (Rusty) dressed up as Batdog. Don't know how familiar you are with Batman, but he has a dog named Ace in some of the comics, so that's what my usertitle is referring to. Aori made it for me, along with a Christmas banner.
    Yeah, it's nice to have something in common with other people. I didn't broadcast it to people (because it would be weird to randomly bring up Pokemon into a conversation about abortion for example), but I didn't hide my love for the series from my good friends. It's unfortunate that you had to =(

    I'm afraid I'll get a virus from one of those and will need my bro to fix my computer...for like the 4th time. I should be more careful...
    Plus it's just a different feeling when you can hold it in your hands and play....does that make any sense?

    8D What's this about being able to go to Black City in White!? (I like the Forest too, but the City looks so much cooler~)

    Don't they say where it is on Serebii? Anyways, I hope you have luck in finding one!
    It's even funnier if you imagine the rest of their bodies involved with other people (That sounds really messed up, but you get what I mean right?)

    In a way it's sorta nice that it's died down though. Back then everyone was into it because it was a fad, but now it's people that actually like it, so I guess there's some silver-lining in all this.

    You played a rom? Shame shame on you =P *would totally do this for Fire Emblem if she knew how* $95 for a DS game? You're freakin' crazy xD
    For the most part I'm getting both. The main reason I'm getting White is because my 7yr old sis is getting Black for the sole reason that she likes Reshiram better than Zekrom. Since she's so young, I'm going to be helping her out, so I'm basically playing both of them. Which is a-ok with me, because I really want to visit Black City.

    I'm not sure which electric type I want. The zebra looks awesome, but the eel has Levitate =/ And you spelled Miju's name correctly.
    ((Continued due to 1000char limit))
    As for the new games, I've been avoiding spoilers concerning the plot and certain characters, but overall I love what I've seen/heard. The consensus is that the difficulty was knocked down a notch for players new to the series, but to make up for that Game Freak bumped the plot up a notch too (Which is what the main series has always struggled with.) Because of this (along with lack of money and a solid grasp of the Japanese language), I'm not importing. I do have my White team somewhat set up already:
    Candidates for last 3 slots:
    (I put legendaries in there, but I don't think I'll actually use them. I just thought those were the only good ones this gen.)

    Now it's your turn to answer all of those questions you listed (The tables have been turned >:D)
    Indeed. We got the human x human pairings, the Mon x Mon pairings, the human x Mon pairings, the human x object pairings, the city x city pairings...the list just goes on and on. I think they have a name for Misty's hand x Brock's ear somewhere too lol.

    First season, I kid you not.That really sucks =( I'm guessing the Pokemon market isn't as big in the UK as it is here. *watches series via her computer to because eshe never remembers when the dub is on TV*

    Ah I see. It sounds like a good plan to me, although I don't need to tell you it's gonna take a hell of a long time to finish.
    I love that one xD Totally forgot what it's called though.

    It's from the first season on the second box set (Or here it is at least. Not sure if you get the same DVDs in the UK) #39. Here's a link with details about it if you're curious.
    o_O You're watching the whole series over? Good luck girl!

    :D Yay!
    I think you hit the nail on the head xD Good thing we have Roronoa Zorua keeping track of all of them, or I wouldn't know half of the ships people support.

    O.O 4 realz!? Dude, you gotta watch "Showdown in Dark City" and witness the awesomeness of it. Their love was so pure, it was a shame it got cut short literally T_T

    Also wanna be buddies? You seem to be an awesome person and I enjoy chatting with you~
    Perfectly fine. I'm not a die-hard shipper saying all the pairings I listed have to happen, I just like them. Except for Ketchupshipping. I really wish that one would be brought up again.

    Honorshipping is pretty popular from what I've been seeing lately. And who cares if it's crack? If it's fun to ship for you, then it doesn't matter what other people think (I mean look at my OTP, it's between a rabbit/mouse and a condiment bottle. Seems pretty crack~ish to me xD) I hear you on the cuteness and hawtness thing, half the ships I like are based on nothing more than that.
    We both really love corn then, 'cause I feel the same way XD

    Not at all :) I have my main ships list posted in my blog. Those are my favorites, but I'm open to pretty much every human x human and Mon x Mon pairing except Leagueshipping...
    Me too! It's one of my favorite things about the series. I don't support Pikashipping in the romantic sense, but as a friendship it is adorable.
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