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Recent content by Zurich

  1. Z

    Anime What was the last anime you watched before posting in this thread?

    The Gurren Lagann movies, what else?
  2. Z

    NatDraws (Requests will be taken)

    Ehh, I figured I might as well set up my art here. Most of the art I do now is GIMP, but I used to do sketches. Surskit? More like MACHO Fuzzy Wuzzy Reuniclus Skeptical Stunfisk (MS Paint) Petilil > Petunias, imo MS Paint Haunter MS Paint Vanillite MS Paint Trubbish Gastly...
  3. Z

    Good Pokemon to use until the Elite Four?

    Sandile is a good pokemon to have, and can be a great help up to, at and through the e4.
  4. Z

    Global Link to launch April 13, according to official website: Speculated date is now

    Re: Global Link to launch April 13, according to official website: Speculated date is Got on the Global Link and Dream World today, managed to get a Cloud nine Lickitung. :3 Glad it's finally up after so long.
  5. Z

    What youtube video did you watch last?

    Code MENT, Parody of popular anime Code Geass. great stuff.
  6. Z

    Third Version?

    Definitely Pokemon Grey. So many implications of that its not even funny. For starters- Reshiram - White (Mascot for Black but thats besides the point) Zekrom - Black (same applies) Eacho of them represent yin and yang respectively. Now, Kyurem, who is grey, can be used to represent WUJI, or...
  7. Z

    A Bit of an Introduction

    How do I put this... Welcome one and all! This is my introduction thread (so it is my first). I guess that's all I really have to say really. I really would like to post and contribute here as much as I can, since I love to bring things forward and absolutely hate bringing things back...