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  • Haha, I had Phantom Detective, Phantom R, Immortal Sin to name a few :3 Hahah :p Aww that's good :) It's nice to be cheered up from time to time :) Fair enough, I don't really either, use it for the odd competition, use mainly here, tumblr and facebook :) I know the feeling, honestly I have no social life. At all.
    it's ironic though we get back in touch when I finally cycle back to my original username... after using LOADS o_O
    Nice :) It seems you are doing rather well :3 :D (I can relate actually, doing a level 3 course in chippenham college, and a gcse in between job hunting) on health and social care right now :/ it's been somewhat... depressing lately :/ but still :) in between that, just been playing on the 3ds, doing interneting and also doing fanfiction writing :) are you on twitter?
    true that :) hehe (and yes it has been 3 long years o_O) WE HAD GEN 6! :p lol Oh I keep meaning to check that out ^_^ I remember my old friends ;) to be honest I had the same idea as you, been inactive mainly for quite some time now, due to gen 6 I have been trying to get back into the game in a manner of speaking, starting with online activity, though it's proven a little difficult to juggle with college and well... the "joys of life"............. What have you been up to lately? :)
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