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  • Oh crap! I thought I had replied, but turns out my reply didn't send :c Sorry >.< Let's try to schedule another time.
    And yeah, you could a while ago, but recently Nintendo added updates to patch the breach in imported illegal pokes.
    Sure, what times are you free? Since it's summer I'm pretty much available all day xD
    Also do you want to do it on cartridge or showdown?
    I've been good. Finished my exams recently so I am free to enjoy my break at last!
    And aw, that's too bad. But yeah, it's happened to me a couple times before too. Usually I take a break from Pokemon and do other things, then gradually I regain the interest. There's no rush though, school is important too, and the BBL hasn't exactly been the most active recently either :/ I am really rusty myself though too. Maybe we can have a friendly battle to help us find our battling spirits again? Whatdya say man? :)
    Yeah, I tried, it's just I'm not too well versed in the finer points of battles. I mostly just battle with what I've got.
    I was gonna have M-Salamence as my main focus, and built a team around it, but it didn't go so well.
    Doing good. I'm trying to make a real good team. I have a plan, but it'll take forever to breed 'em all. Good thing I had a backup 6IV ditto before Y crashed.
    Heyo. Remember me? Or has it been too long? I feel like an old man, not being here for such a long while.
    Ya bet, let's hope for some less time next time.My.. Why so bad? :c
    Ah pretty average! I start the semestre on monday ehe.

    And M-Milotic D:
    Well hello there c: Been so long, how are you?
    To an emolga? Ohh dear!

    I meant the sad truth of no M-Flygon :p We didn't get it after all.
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